Jewellery Obsession – Lily Charmed

August 2nd, 2015

When it comes to my favourite type of jewellery, you will have to go a long way to find something I love as much as a charm bracelet of necklace. I think these say so much about the person wearing them – what they like, their hobbies, interests, family and loves. Jewellery featuring charms can be added to, so makes a perfect gift idea, and my current favourite charm pieces come from the gorgeous Lily Charmed.

Beautifully presented pieces from Lily Charmed

Beautifully presented pieces from Lily Charmed


So many gorgeous designs.

Lily Charmed is a great British success story, a real cottage industry that was started at a kitchen table and is now stocked at a range of gift shops and jewellers, as well as online at and on the Lily Charmed website. The idea behind Lily Charmed is that you choose your chain, then your charms and finally compose a message for your creation. The piece is then beautifully displayed in a Lily Charmed giftbox, ready to be delivered to your loved one who is sure to fall in love with it.

The Lily Charmed look ranges from the classic to the fun and quirky. There are classic charms like lucky charms, birds, flowers and hearts – these are always so popular. But there are also less tradition designs based around food (the ice cream charms and cupcakes are just lovely.) and also cute seaside designs which are a lovely edition to your summer outfits. Charms are designed in either Sterling Silver or gold plated sterling silver, and can be personalised with different chain lengths (including a child size) and with the addition of a silver letter of your choice

I was asked to review my favourite piece from Lily Charmed and found making the choice very difficult, the charms are just so fresh and pretty. In the end I opted for a super cute custard cream charm in sterling silver – by far my favourite biscuit. The Custard Cream charm is a really delicate piece that you could wear every day. The detailing is brilliant – it is just like a custard cream, but in delicate silver engraving.



To view the Custard Cream range at Lily Charmed, click here.

I’ve been wearing this necklace a lot, it isn’t ostentatious, but it is a talking piece – something that makes people smile when they see it, and comment on how unusual it is. It looks great worn with black as the silver is a striking contrast, but is also something you can wear with jeans and a simple top.


It looks so pretty worn with black.

It looks so pretty worn with black.

Worn casually with a denim dress and sunnies.

Worn casually with a denim dress and sunnies.

If you are looking for a personal gift idea, love charm jewellery, or really just want to treat yourself, I would highly recommend the stunning pieces from Lily Charmed – delicate, pretty and beautifully presented. Bookmark their site now!

*I was sent a piece from Lily Charmed in return for a honest review.



Fun and Laughter from The Three Little pigs in Birmingham

August 1st, 2015

It started with an X Factor style intro, and ended with a good old singalong between the sworn enemies the pigs and the wolf, and it was total fun and laughter in between. I’m talking about the fun new reworking of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ that has been playing at Birmingham Town Hall this week, with a star turn by Birmingham’s own Simon Webbe.

630x38.fitwithoffsetWe all know the story, but it is fun seeing it bought to life by the an engaging and talented cast. The piggies show their charactors early on, Daniel Buckley is clever and kind, Leanne Jones is concerned with the environment, whilst Taofique Folarin is strong in spirit and body, but a little short on brain power (missing out 2 when counting to 3…). When their mother (Alison Jiear) tells them their sty is too small and they need to find new homes, the stage is set for a showdown with the Big Bad Wolf who made bacon of their daddy.

The songs are funny and the lyrics certainly need to be listened to carefully as they are so witty, but the musical really comes to life when Simon Webbe hits the stage. He is fabulous, super funny as the Big Bad Wolf in search of a porky barbecue. His song about being ‘just misunderstood’ is just hilarious, especially with a Strictly Come dancing style interlude that sees the wolf dancing a ‘foxtrot’ with one of his backing singers, who also just happens to be an owl. The leather jacket, the inhaler that gives him a touch of extra ‘puff’ for blowing down a house made of bricks, and all the choice lines (describing two of the pigs as a Double Whopper, and all three as an ‘all you can eat buffet) all this makes this wolf super memorable, and should make Simon an absolute shoe-in come panto season.


The Three Little Pigs is a lovely retelling of a classic story that works so well on the stage. Highly recommended viewing for adults and children alike.

Current obsession – Fashion World Phoebe Jeans

July 30th, 2015

The search for the perfect pair of jeans is a journey that I seem to have been on forever. I need length in the leg, but also love a high waistband to try to give me a little bit of tummy control. I always used to wear bootcut, thinking these were more flattering for the curvy figure, but then discovered the skinnies could also be really good for a curvy figure. But this season has been all about 70s flared denim, something I didn’t think I could pull off…until now.

Fashion World asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of jeans from their new range, and I decided to jump in with both feet and opt for the Simply Be Denim Phoebe Kick Flare Super Soft Jeans. I liked the idea that the jeans had a high waist and were described as super soft – not stiff and unforgiving as some denim can be. I also liked the fact the leg came in different lengths, and that the jeans came in a classic indigo – my favourite shade when it comes to denim, whatever the season.

Simply Be Denim Phoebe Kick Flare Super Soft Jeans Reg With High Waist £28 click to visit Fashion World

Simply Be Denim Phoebe Kick Flare Super Soft Jeans Reg With High Waist £28 click to visit Fashion World

It is hard to put into words how much I love these jeans – they are AMAZING. They are the perfect fit, the perfect cut and the perfect colour. The waistband is high to keep my tummy in place, but is also comfortable – it doesn’t cut into my stomach. The length is 29inches which means they fit perfectly even when wearing a lower heel, and the flare is a cool 70s shape without being too wide , they look cool but not comic. They are easy to wear daily with either a simple t-shirt, or to dress up for a boho look with a crochet or cheesecloth top. I think they would also look great with a pussybow blouse in teal or tan for a 1970s inspired evening look.

How I styled it.

1. Crochet top picked up in Menorca, Swedish Hasbeens and a pony tail. Michael Kors sunglasses (to cover up an eye infection.)



2. Total 70s – Vintage top picked up from Vintage at the Manor (post here), Clarks tan sandals.



And what about if you avoid 70s styling – do they still work? Absolutely!

Mango top, Evans jacket (c/o House of Fraser – review here), Peacocks necklace.

2015-07-30 12.27.27

2015-07-30 12.19.06

The Phoebe jeans are an absolute keeper, so much so that I’m going to get another pair in black for my Autumn wardrobe. For just £28, these are a stylish, totally wearable pair of jeans that will work in so many outfits and so many occasions.

*I was sent the Phoebe jeans to review by Fashion World.