What to Wear: Casinos

January 28th, 2015


When the safe, yet repetitive tedium of work and home becomes all too much, the urge to throw on your glad rags, order a taxi and head to the bright lights of town is enormous. Although we all know what’s great to wear for a tip out on the tiles, an increasingly popular late night pastime is somewhat more mysterious when it comes to deciding what to wear: the casino. We’ve all been told scare stories of how degenerative gambling can be- and these stories are indeed true- but enjoying one night of silliness and excitement is perfectly all right every once in a while! Nowadays the popularity of playing these types of games is so huge, many websites are offering live deal entertainment where players can play others across the net! You might not feel the need to dress up for this kind of fun, but nevertheless, what exactly do you wear at the traditionally glitzy hotspots?

Firstly, one must take into account the fact that certain casinos are more glamorous and upmarket than others; in Vegas, as long as you are clean and vaguely tidy, you’ll be let in, contrasted with Monte Carlo’s casinos, where suits and gowns are a must-wear!


In London especially, the need to wear formal wear is an absolute must. For ladies this means long, flowing or glittering gowns that fall well below the knee. Necklines shouldn’t be ridiculously plunging, so jewel, illusion, keyhole or bateau cuts will all be fine. Colour-wise, the selection is very much up to you, however this season bright pastel colours, subdued light blues and radiant purples and violets are very much in fashion.

eva green

Eva Green in Casino


In a casino, as a general rule of thumb, the more glamorous and flashy one’s style is, the more attention and better service you will receive! Also, really good fashion choices might give you an edge on your opponents at the table, psyching them out and improving your chances of winning!
Now some of us simply aren’t so stated in our sartorial endeavors, but there’s no need to fret! Three quarter length slim fit trousers, coupled with a structured blouse and jacket will look just as good as a flowing gown, and should probably be one’s first choice if you’re visiting with colleagues.



For the gentlemen, suits are a must, although this doesn’t mean a full, restrictive suit needs to be worn. A stylish jacket, worn with woolen trousers or crisply cut chinos alongside leather shoes and a fashionable shirt could be just what is needed, although in the very upmarket establishments a full suit-tie combo or tuxedo should really be worn. As with anywhere, different casinos operate different dress codes, and many will be completely fine if you choose a smart casual approach.


Sophie Ellis Bextor is the face of Phase Eight

January 28th, 2015

If ever there was a match made in fashion heaven, it is the teaming up of the gorgeous and stylish Sophie Ellis Bextor with the home of feminine fashion Phase Eight. If I was choosing a face for Phase Eight, then Sophie would definitely be the top of the list. The queen of vintage styling is perfect for the vintage style prints and antique lace dresses that Phase Eight is famous for.


Chantay Rose Dress £120.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Chantay Rose Dress
£120.00 click to visit Phase Eight

The new campaign featuring Sophie is just stunning, featuring soft focus photographs of the beautiful Singer wearing a series of really lovely dresses, many featuring floral prints that are just so perfect for Spring. The photographs themselves draw to mind those iconic Laura Ashley pictures from the 1970s, all soft lighting and dewy images. The dresses are classic Phase Eight pieces, with knee-length skirts, prom style shapes and an abundance of pink all apparent.


Elodine Dress £140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Elodine Dress
£140.00 click to visit Phase Eight


Loretta Dress £169.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Loretta Dress
£169.00 click to visit Phase Eight


Norma Floral Burnout Dress £140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Norma Floral Burnout Dress
£140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

I always say this when I talk about Phase Eight collections, but these are dresses that could’ve come straight from the wardrobe of 50s era Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, they have such an exquisite retro feel to them. It would be hard to choose an absolute favourite, but I must admit to being partial to the Chantay Rose Dress with its Oriental flower print and Japanese sleeves, and the Ariel Lace dress, which would be a total go-to dress for so many Spring/Summer Occasions.

Ariel Lace Dress £140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Ariel Lace Dress £140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Ariel Lace Dress
£140.00 click to visit Phase Eight



Ninette Dress £140.00 click to visit Phase Eight

More picks from the Sophie edit

Cherie Printed Lace Dress £150.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Cherie Printed Lace Dress
£150.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Mae Rose Dress £99.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Mae Rose Dress
£99.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Avalina Fit And Flare Dress £179.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Avalina Fit And Flare Dress
£179.00 click to visit Phase Eight



Beautiful Jewellery from Glitz Blizzard

January 27th, 2015

Finding out about new and unusual jewellery companies is definitely on of the plus points of writing a blog. One such company is Glitz Blizzard. The lovely Zeynep designs and creates beautiful handmade pieces which combine glitter and glamour with a vintage edge.  I was sent one of the glitterbomb hearts to review on the blog and have to say these pieces are unique, delicate and oh so pretty!

The necklace combines an antique style chain with a gorgeous glitterbomb heart pendant. The chain sits nicely in the nape of the neck, making this a lovely choice if you are wearing a v-neck top. The heart itself comes in a range of colours depending on the glitter chosen, my heart is a deep purple, but with shimmers of blue, silver and gold coming through dependent on the light. The frame of the heart is again an antique gold style casing, and the glitter is kept in place with resin. The whole effect is one of sparkle and shine – you cannot avoid using the word pretty when you talk about this necklace.


A close up of the stunning heart.

DSCN1218[1]This is the sort of necklace you could easily wear every day to add a little sparkle and glitz to your outfit. It catches the eye, but not in an ostentatious, over-the-top way. It would also be a great gift idea for upcoming Valentine’s Day, or even a way to say ‘I love you’ to mom on Mother’s Day.


Purple with purple – love this necklace with this Scarlett and Jo dress.


Dress Scarlett and Jo (Similar here) Boots Spartoo Necklace Glitz Blizzard

For more information on the different designs from Glitz Blizzard, and for how to order, please visit the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Glitzblizzard?fref=ts

*With thanks to Zeynep from Glitz Blizzard for my beautiful necklace.