Increase You Home Security With Ring Stick Up Outdoor HD Security Camera

May 25th, 2017

In our current climate we take the security of our homes and families ever more seriously. Most homes now have burglar alarms, but these can be temperamental, and, in some cases, even ignored as nuisance noise. The Ring ‘Stick Up Cam’ is a great solution to how you can keep an eye on your property and keep it safer, whether you are in or out and about.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a wire free outdoor security camera that enables you to not only see people coming up to your front door, but to create a ‘ring of security’ all around your home. You set the motion sensors which pick up movement to suit the size of your home, and they can then pick up any movement, showing you if someone is on your property, both day and night.

The camera is very easy to install. It literally takes 5 minutes from when you have chosen the spot it will live in.  Once it is installed you will need to connect it to your WIFI network and download the Ring app to your phone, you can find this at the Google App store amongst other places. You follow the simple instructions in order to connect the device to your camera and you are all set to go.

The great thing about Ring is that you have so many different options when it comes to mounting your device. We have placed ours on a high external wall to the house that covers our back yard and outhouse – we have a large garden and a shared access which, because our area is semi rural, can be very dark and not well lit at night. However, the camera could also be added to a lower wall, a ceiling, or even placed on a garden wall or table. The camera itself can be mounted two ways – with a quick release mount that works best if you are operating the Camera on the internal battery and therefore need to remove it to charge it (although the battery can last up to a year once fully charged so you will not need to do this often.) The more secure mounting works if you are attaching the USB and charging this way.

The Ring Camera will allow you to see visitors (or intruders) to your home through your phone, and you can also have a 30 day trial of Cloud in order to view saved videos. When your device is triggered, you can talk to the person (maybe you might be asking them to leave a parcel with a neighbour?), but you can also act if you suspect something more sinister, you can also zoom in to see if it is someone you recognise.

The Ring Stick Up Cam can add to your peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home. With its simple instillation, sleek, discreet look and a range of filming and answering options, this is a great way of increasing your family security.

You can currently make a £20 saving on the Ring Stick Up Cam at Maplin, getting the camera for £139.

Father’s Day Sorted with GiftsOnline4U

May 24th, 2017

Can you believe it is almost June? The year has once again slipped by, almost without us noticing, and now we are almost at the mid point, and, with the coming of June, we once again have Father’s Day to look forward to. I often find Father’s Day to be a more difficult proposition than Mother’s Day when it comes to choosing gifts – my mom will present you with a list as long as her arm when you ask what she would like, whereas dad’s often come out with ‘I don’t need anything’, leaving you wracking your brains when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

Fortunately the answer may be at hand. GiftsOnline4U is a one step shop for a range of truly beautiful gift ideas, many of which can be personalised to make a wonderful, unique present for a loved one. With Father’s Day just a matter of weeks away I have found a great gift idea of an engraved watch. Each watch can be engraved with a personal message, and the range of watches are varied enough to suit any taste.

I chose the stylish personalised gents wristwatch in silver and black as a gift for my hubby Peter from Joe. I liked this design as it is modern and fresh, with stark silver digits and hands that contrast so nicely against the black face and strap. The watch has a silver plated alloy body, and the strap, which is black leather looks very luxurious due to a detail that is almost croc inspired.

The engraving of your message is on the back of the dial, and you are able to choose up to five lines of text in your message. You can also select the font – these range from Times New Roman to Comic Sans, so even this detail can be personal to the recipient.

I love this gift idea, it is beautiful and elegant, and totally special for the person who is receiving it. I think it would make a great Father’s Day present, but would also work well as a wedding present from a bride to her groom, or a present for a best man. It could also be a good way to mark an anniversary or a graduation – a personal gift always shows thought and care, and when the watch is also fabulous quality, this makes it all the better. In addition, the watches from GiftsOnline4U are all beautifully gift boxed, with the watches attached to soft cushions, and then placed in boxes which don’t necessarily need to be wrapped.

This Father’s Day is the time to step away from the Old Spice and the socks and give dad a present he will truly cherish. A personalised watch ticks every box and is practical and useful too. Dad would certainly approve.

The Woman in Black – Deliciously Spooky

May 24th, 2017

A virtually bare stage of a Victorian Theatre. An actor and an old man with a story to tell. Imaginary horses and a dog called Spider. None of it sounds particularly scary, but these are the ingredients of the most celebrated theatre chiller of them all. The Woman in Black has been frightening theatre audiences for over 25 years, and last night it brought its own brand of menace to the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, and the audience loved it.

The play is a two (three?) hander. An old man Arthur Kipps (David Acton) wants to tell his horrific story of The Woman in Black in the hope it will stop the macabre events that occur when she is seen from happening again. He engages an actor (Matthew Spencer) to help him tell his story, and the actor takes on the role of a young Mr Kipps in order to tell the story, with Kipps himself playing all the other roles. What follows is a story that becomes more and more eerie and frightening as the telling continues, building up to a terrible denouement as the ghostly woman fulfills her terrible revenge against society once again.

A scene from The Woman In Black  ©Tristram Kenton

The performances from the two actors are excellent, with David Acton as Kipps displaying the perfect amount of fear and desperation in his quest to tell the story. He is also unexpectedly funny in parts as he tries to get into the roles of the subsidiary characters from his tale. The Actor (never named) as played by Matthew Spencer, is brilliant as he at first shows excitement as he tries to tell the story well, and then, as he disappears into the character of the young Kipps, he becomes more and more unnerved, and then frankly terrified. The scene where he frantically tries to save Spider the dog is a masterclass in desperation and horror.

The beauty of The Woman in Black as a theatrical piece is that so much is left to the imagination, and this makes the tension uncomfortable, leaving the audience on edge throughout the play. The sightings of the woman herself are few, which makes them so much more powerful and genuinely frightening when they do occur, and the darkness of the theatre is utilised well.  Loud noises that are unexpected, smoke and mirrors as rooms are kept in shadows, and the horror as the story of the woman and her child are finally revealed all add up to a satisfying eerie experience, a perfect Victorian ghost story in the vein of MR James.

The Woman in Black

Wednesday 24 – Saturday 27 May

Click here for ticket information