5 Random fashion irritations

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Having a quiet day today, baba is having a sleep, giving me the chance to flick through Heat, Grazia and Look, and to have a sound off about a few random fashion irritations that annoy me on a regular basis.

  1. People who wear winter boots, particularly Uggs, in Summer. Give your trotters a bit of an airing while you can. I look at girls wearing heavy boots, with bare legs and short skirts and all I can think is feet fungal infections. It’s so not a good look.
  2. Fearne Cotton!!! This women is supposeably a style icon. I could sum up her look in one sentence – a badly dressed 8 year old. Too many frills, too many bows, too many shoe and sock combos, and too many Mulberry bags.(Ok, maybe the last point was more about jealousy than style, but I stand by the rest.)
  3. Articles in fashion magazines that feature dresses and skirts where everything is mini in length. We don’t all have perfect legs to show off, nor do we all want to. A bit of diversity would be a nice surprise, especially this season where calf length is meant to reign supreme.
  4. Celebrities/stars who suddenly think they are fashion designers. Wow, I’ve had a baby, I can now design maternity wear says Denise Van Outen and Danni Minogue. Great I’ve got a baby, maybe I should design baby clothes says Mylene Klass. Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Pixie Lott, Holly Willoughby, Bloody Fearne Cotton, Nicole Ritchie, Beth Ditto et al. the list is endless. I could sort of understand Kate Moss. She is an acknowledged style icon with a covetable wardrobe. She takes the inspiration from that wardrobe to create some quite pretty pieces, but Beth Ditto? She usually looks like an explosion of an unmade dirty bed. Please! The only qualification that these women seem to have to create clothing ranges is that they wear clothing. By that logic maybe I should turn to landscape gardening because I mow the lawn occasionally.
  5. Vogue’s famous more dash than cash feature. Most items in this article still cost more than most of us can afford. More dash than cash, more cash than brains more like.

So that’s my rant for today. I’m off to get changed now as its my fifth wedding anniversary and me and hubbie are going to abandon baba at his nans for a fully fledged adult night out. Yes!

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  3. Piggle says, I totally agree I really hate it when magazines show these mega expensive items that I’m never going to be able to afford!!!!!!!!!!

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