Why I miss Carrie Bradshaw!

October 11th, 2010

Sex and the City (film)

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Why I miss Carrie Bradshaw!.

Check out a tribute to all style ‘sex in the city; in this article from Fashion-mommy’s alter ego.

2 Responses to “Why I miss Carrie Bradshaw!”

  1. chichichic says:

    Sigh… me too! There’s no one nearly as inspiring to google these days! As terrible as the SATC movies are, I’ll keep watching and watching even if its just for the clothes…. come back Carrie!

  2. Piggle says:

    Agreed, I’m currently watching series 3 of SATC for about the millionth time! This was filmed in 2000 I think, but the clothes still look really new and exciting. (Although Carrie does sport rather a suspicious looking metallic pink bum bag in the episode where the girls return from LA after the Big / Aiden affair)

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