Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Hairstyle Revealed!

April 15th, 2011

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Hairstyle Revealed!.

We are still in the darkabout the dress, but it seems that we may now know a little bit more about her hairstyle. Kate’s hairdresser Richard Ward has said that Kate will wear her crowning glory (excuse the pun!) down on the wedding day, saying it will be “100 percent be down and flowy.”

I think Kate’s hair is absolutely glorious, and hope this is true. Many Royal brides do opt for sweeping updoes, but I myself wore my hair long and flowing, abandoning my veil and updo on the day. I hope Kate does the same.

Read the full story at the link above.

3 Responses to “Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Hairstyle Revealed!”

  1. I hope so! she has beautiful hair!!!

  2. thefashionmom1973 says:

    Kate is amazing pretty and her style is so chic, i love almost everything what she is wearing. Classy girl x

  3. Piggle says:

    Glad she is wearing the beautiful hair down. She is a stunning girl anyway but her hair is a key feature. Clever girl!

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