Pippa Middleton- Focus on the style of the Chief Bridesmaid.

April 19th, 2011

Whilst all eyes will be on Kate Middleton on the 29th April, life will never be the same again for the chief bridesmaid. Pippa Middleton is Kate’s only sister, and is favourite to become Kate’s chief lady in waiting after the big day. Younger than Kate, but possessing the same dark good looks, glossy mane of hair and impeccable dress sense, Kate’s sister is said to be pretty, witty and sparkling.

Like Kate, Pippa favours neat dresses just above knee-length, and has a great line in fascinators. She has that glossy, groomed look and is always immaculately turned out. If Kate Middleton could become the new Jackie O, then the equally stylish Pippa could be the new Lee Radziwill.  Here are some of my favourite looks from the women on the verge of hitting the media spotlight.

3 Responses to “Pippa Middleton- Focus on the style of the Chief Bridesmaid.”

  1. Piggle says:

    Love these sister’s. Nice to see young women dressing with style rather than trying to be try hards or wags!!!!

  2. Pippa Fan says:

    Do you know where any of these dresses are from? I love the pink/cream/black Maxi dress <3

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