Enjoy the Royal Wedding all over again with “The Collection”

If, like me, you are still getting misty eyed every time you think about the Royal Wedding, then the new Ringier global application could be just the thing for you. The leading Swiss media company are launching a global app for tablets that combines an amazing user-navigation system with internationally appealing news stories in order to create an electronic, interactive magazine known as an 'appazine'. For the first issue, they have decided to focus on the wedding that captivated the whole world, that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


The 'appazine' will add a new slant on the story we all want to read about.  Entitled 'William – The Monarchy's Great Hope', it is split into 3 sections – 'The Prince', 'The Windsors' and 'The Wedding'. Each section contains a range of innovative features – you can watch Prince Charles morph into Prince William through creative morphing, rub The Prince to see what he will look like bald and watch 3d animation of The Royal Wedding. Take a look at Westminster Abbey, the beautiful venue for the wedding in close detail. You can also have fun with the cheekily titled 'Girls William will never forget.'



Kate is given her own section 'From Middle Class to Lady Wales, which features stunning photography of the new Duchess of Cambridge, along with the story of her rise to the top in cartoon form. There are also debates about the British Monarchy and its future, which are interesting and thought provoking.



Further issues of 'The Collection' 'appazine' will contain the best in international news and topics and will be published in English, French and German. They too will feature a 'surprise at every swipe, tap or rub of the tablet screen', with additional features like X-Ray lens and panoramic photography.

The Collection has it all. It is fun to use, informative, and it adds a new and witty slant to the news stories we all want to know about. You can find out more information by visiting the links below.

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  1. Sounds great, but I’m just not very technologically minded I’m afraid!

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