Matalan’s Fab Autumn/Winter collection.

I have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of Matalan‘s amazing Autumn/Winter collection, and must admit to being overwhelmingly impressed. This is a collection that truly has something for everyone, from  retro princesses to boyish girls, with influences firmly steeped in the 60s and 70s. From the fabulous modern-day style of Alexa Chung and Alice Dellal, to the iconic dressing of Charlotte Rampling and Ali McGraw, Matalan has something to suit every mood  and occasion this coming season. Here are some of my key looks from the new collection.

Modern Retro

If your style icons are cool and kooky girls like Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams and Chloe Sevigny, then this is the collection for you. Full of dresses that could’ve been found in the wardrobes of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, these dresses are beatnik inspired, but with that typical sixties twist. Think films like ‘Here we go round the Mulberry  Bush’ for the complete picture.

Champagne Satin Shirt £14 Pleat skirt £12


Peter Pan tie collar dress £25


Global Mix

This is winter dressing at its best. Mismatched prints in tartan, alpine and Aztec patterns, chunky layer upon layer of scarves, jumper and toggle buttoned coats, these are the outfits you will live in when the weather gets colder. Think the punky princess styling of Alice Dellal, and the cool edginess of Billie Piper when she discovered the ‘Walk of Life’. If festivals happened in winter, this is what you’d wear.

Global mix waterfall cardigan £25 Crochet intarsia dress £18 chunky sock £4

Cable Snood £8 Crew neck Jumper £18 check skater skirt £10


Abigail’s Party

Named for the most famous TV play of the 1970s, but you can push all ideas of Alison Steadman from your head, this collection is 70s cool. Strong,  block colours, paisley and floral prints, midi skirts and wide leg trousers, this collection takes all  the best elements of the 1970s whilst leaving the Kipper ties way behind. Think Faye Dunaway in ‘The eyes of Laura Mars and Ali McGraw in just about anything and you will be seduced by this collection.’

Pussy bow blouse £18 printed wide leg trousers £18

fringed zip cardigan £28 pleat front midi skirt £20

Retro Prim

This is a very grown up and sexy collection, that screams strong, independent woman! This is ladylike style with a sexy secretary feel, with pussy bow blouses, pencil skirts and sexy shift dresses that could take you from office to evening with very little bother. Think the 70s sensuality of Charlotte Rampling or the supremely sexy styling of Maggie Gyllenhal in Secretary to get the general picture.

Faux Fur collar coat £40 Herringbone waistcoat £16 Herringbone peg trouser £20


pussy bow blouse £16 split pencil skirt £14 trouser sock £3





27 thoughts on “Matalan’s Fab Autumn/Winter collection.

  1. I really like the global mix look. Its funky,fresh and different. The more mixed patterns the better i say! I think your are very right, If festivals happened in winter, I would very much be using this look 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the Peter Pan Tie Collar Dress!! It doesn’t look like a highstreet dress, it definitely looks designer & I adore the horse print! It ticks all the boxes for me 😉 Very cute! xoxo

  3. I am loving no no adoring the Peter pan tie collar dress I need it in my life, no quirky overly interesting reason I just plain adore it!!! X

  4. Loving the Abigail’s Party look – I’m a sucker for the 70s floaty fabric styles, and love the continuation of this trend into A/W

  5. Wow they have really gone all out on their design for the autumn/winter collection, so many amazing looks!

    For me my favourite look has to be the Modern Retro because what could keep you feeling forever young (& stylish!) better than a peter pan dress?! And this one is so cute! Perfect for horsing around catching pirates 🙂

    People keep telling me I have a 60s look (I’m hoping they’re referring to the era and not how tired I look since having a baby ha ha!) I love retro things, be it fashion, cooking or music but i’s got to have the modern twist. Don’t want to get left behind!!! They have captured this style perfectly!

  6. Wow. I’m so pleased Matalan step up their game every season. Matalan used to be my little secret, grabbing some great fashionable pieces that would give other well known high street shops a run for their money. I loved seeing the reaction of people’s faces when I used to tell them the fit jacket i am wearing is actually from Matalan.

    The above collections just show that they are on the right (stylish) course. Some brilliant stand out pieces that I will have to make room for in the wardrobe. I literally cannot decide which one’s my fave tho. I can see myself mixing and matching items from each collection. Saying that I love the first outfit picture on Global Mix. Tribal prints were my fave for this season so it’s nice to see them sticking around with an A/W twist!

    Sunny x

  7. I love the Peter Pan tie collar dress, I can see myself in it with black tights and black boots. This is a must have dress for my autumn / winter wardrobe and will be ideal for both day & evening wear.

    Can’t wait to try it on… LOL @welshmumwales

  8. The herringbone waistcoat and peg trousers are ideal for a day at the office. All the outfits are stylish and Matalan, once again has catered for all age groups and occasions. Both Primark and Top Shop have excellent collections ready for Autumn/Winter 2011 but I think Matalan will give them some stiff competition. Look forward to seeing the whole range.


  9. I love the retro prim collection very smart and classy I would love to win as I’m trying to lose weight and this would be a goal to slim into these beautiful clothes and also as a mummy I normally spend all my money on my daughter and nit on clothes for me


  10. My fave is the Peter Pan tie collar dress! The horses print is so pretty and kitsch! I would wear it to work on a Friday because we always go out for drinks afterwards. I’m a farmer’s daughter and so we keep horses….I know a lot of my farmy friends would stay away from horse patterns for that very reason but if anything it makes me feel like ‘my trend’ has finally hit the bigtime!

    I also love the champagne satin shirt though…..decisions decisions!


    Hannah xxx

  11. I love love love the first Abigails party look – I’m a massive fan of drapey fabrics as I firmly beleive you dont have to shove yourself in skintight ensembles to look gorgeous. I think an elegant draped look is so flattering as it skims areas that us ladies might be a little conscious of – eg a tummy that isn’t quite six pack standard and allows us to feel comfortable confident and one hundred dollars! In addition I love the trousers – I’m generally a dress type of girl but for Autumn/winter 11 I’m really going to try and move out of my comfort zone and embrace actually wearing a bottom half lmao I love the print which keeps it quirky and I can’t help but think they must be soooo comfy!

    Gorgeous gorgeous picks and fablous competition!


  12. I love the first abigails party look, the flowing coral toned pussy bow blouse would inject a much needed bit of colour into anyone’s wardrobe for the autumn winter – besides which it is flattering too! It’s the perfect girly outfit, without having to wear a dress – I am not a dress person but I would feel very glamorous yet comfortable in that outfit 🙂


    twitter @justjesswoah

  13. Loving the Abigails Party, especiallythe wide leg trousers. Could Wear those with a polo neck for a warmer winter look, or even a little cami top right now!

  14. Global mix is a great winters look.It would be really good for skiing and Xmas holiday season – so much better than a Christmas jumper!!!

  15. Loving the retro prim…working in an office this could make staid workwear very interesting! Like the socks and shoes together.

  16. Love them all. Decisions, decisions… think the first collection is my favourite. The horsey dress is very neat, loving the Peter Pan collar!

  17. The first outfit has a sexy French feel to it. Really love this look. I also love the global traveller, it is a lovely cosy yet stylish look for Winter.

  18. I’ve seen so many people out and about in their charity shop best, sporting grandma’s old sweaters and grandpa’s cardigans. Whilst I love how comfy and nonchalant everyone looks I can’t help thinking my grandma’s jumpers aren’t exactly sexy or feminine (sorry Grandma!). I feel like Matalan perked up and exclaimed, “Why can’t women be warm and hot?!” Sexy hot, not warm hot, cause that would just be nuts. And I agree. I’ll be queuing to snap up their Global Mix collection and join their knitted army of winter booted beauties. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  19. Loving the fringes, just wish I was slim enough to wear it as I fear I may look like a 70’s lampshade! Loving the 70’s feel though and the horse print is a winner! xx

  20. I think an elegant draped look is so flattering as it skims areas that us ladies might be a little conscious of like tummy.

  21. The tassled jacket above because the texture is interesting, and would add curves!

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