Angelica Huston – Style Icon of the New Season!

vogue Italia march 1972

Without doubt, the most important style icon for the new season  is the incomparable Angelic Huston. I first fell in love with Angelica’s style when she played Morticia Adams in the early 1990s. Her sleek Morticia was a dark goddess, with the most perfect cheekbones I  had ever seen. I didn’t really know anything about Angelica, other than the fact she  had been romantically involved with Jack Nicholson for many years. I knew nothing of her fashion past.

Which was truly remiss of me. Because Angelica was one of the most important fashion stars of the 1970s. Shot by the likes of Bailey and Bob Richardson, her face and figure adorned numerous Vogue covers and features. She was fashion aristocracy, beautiful, cultured and part of film royalty that was the Huston clan. Her father was film director John  Huston, her grandfather was the oscar winning actor Walter Huston. Angelica was totally stunning, her dark eyes, amazingly high cheekbones, full lips and jet black hair pointed to a more exotic type of beauty that emerged  in the 1970s with the likes of Tina Chow, Pat Cleveland and Marie Helvin.

This season Angelica style is one of the key fashion stories. From starprints that have been prevalent at Dolce and Gabbana, the pussycat bow blouses, sheer fabrics, wide legged trousers and 1970s glamour that look  set to dominate the High Street in the next few months. Angelica style is very grown up, this is high-octane, expensive glamour that is enhanced by sleek  hair and heavily painted lashes. Here are some more of my favourite Angelica looks.

If you only channel one style icon next season, make sure it is Angelica Huston. She never put a foot wrong when manoeuvering through the tricky minefield that was 1970s fashion!

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