Calling all Fashionista’s – Your new destination is Fashionista Central!

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Finally – a social networking site for those who live and breathe through the Fashion Industry.

A new fashion networking site has been launched for professionals in the fashion industry and dedicated followers of fashion. The site is open to all fashionistas and is totally free to join.  Called Fashionista Central, this new site provides a forum where members can create their own profile page, upload pictures and videos, blog updates, make events and groups and meet other people in the industry.
The site is dedicated to all things in fashion, from trends to trade, from bloggers to designers. Founded by fashion entrepreneur, Lucy Martin Morelle, the site is already generating a buzz in the industry. One the great attractions of the site is that it has an open forum which makes for great interactivity between users, you can make friends and contacts in  the fashion industry, whilst promoting yourself.  It also allows members to pick and choose content they find compelling and interesting.
The site also has its own magazine where fashion bloggers can post their latest musings, reviews and thoughts. Finally, a place on the web where fashionistas can flock to and share their mutual interest in the industry they love so much. Become part of a larger online fashion community and share your passion of fashion.  I have!
To sign up please click on the following link:

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