Jian of London Stardust Collection – one word – WOW!

September will see the launch of  Jian of London’s eagerly awaited Stardust Collection. This is an amazing array of beautiful luxury gem set jewellery that is so innovative in its design, it has already been awarded with an International Jewellery London special editors award for technical excellence, even before its official launch.

So what is so special and different about the Stardust collection? Well. Stardust applies to the  free-floating jewels that continually sparkle and dance within a clear liquid filled sapphire dome, giving a range of rings, pendants and earrings an effect similar to a shimmering snowglobe. Stardust designs use an interesting  range of natural gemstones in a multitude of colours, settings, shapes and sizes that enable you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself, or a loved one.  What I really love about this collection is the choice of settings, you can have the fabulous ‘floating’ gemstones that you can move and shake just like fairy dust, or you have more traditional pave set and faceted static stones.

This collection is so beautiful, totally eye-catching, but retaining the simplicity and clean lines that signify the Jian of London Look. Like all innovative designs,  this was not a simple collection to produce, taking five years to come to fruition, but it is totally worth the wait. This is the sort of jewellery that everyone will comment on, it would add a touch of sophisticated glamour to even the simplest of outfits.

Chief Designer, Jane Massie said “We are thrilled to finally be launching the Stardust Collection after years of innovation and development. The new collection recently won the International Jewellery London Show Editors Choice Award for Technical Excellence which is a credit to the hard work and perseverance of our incredible design team and suppliers. As a company we can’t wait to see the consumer reaction to Stardust when the collection goes on sale in September, we are already taking pre-orders and have started a waiting list.”

For more information about Jian of London visit the website http://uk.jiandesigns.com/


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