How can one dress look so different – Pippa Middleton and Lindsey Lohan

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Kim Kardashian got married last weekend, and amongst all the chatter about the three wedding dresses, the black and white theme and the multitude of famous celebrity guests,  one topic seemed to stand out. Was Lindsey Lohan wearing Pippa Middleton‘s dress?

Now of course, I don’t mean Pippa’s actual dress – that would just be plain silly. But the car crash that is Lindsey Lohan was actually wearing a version of Pippa’s full length green evening dress, the one she had worn for the evening reception at Buckingham Palace on the Royal Wedding day. And boy, did the dress look different on Lindsey.

For a start,the Alice Temperley dress as worn by LiLo was white, the sort of bright, sparkling white that should be reserved for brides and Jean Harlow – no-one else. And the dress that had looked so elegant on Pippa appeared so trashy on Lindsey, with her rather large boobs seeming to strain  to get out of the silk material. The look wasn’t helped by white blonde hair, and strange facial features which pointed to collagen,botox or some kind of surgery.

It doesn’t really help matters that Lindsey no  longer resembles Lindsey. There is no trace of the gorgeous, curvy redhead who thrilled with her acting and enchanted with her looks in Mean Girls, now Lindsey has the overblown, cartoonish looks of a porn star, and wearing a dress made famous by the gorgeous Miss Middleton, at such a high  profile event as the Royal wedding doesn’t really help matters. Comparisons are not really going to be kind to Lindsey.

Alice Temperley have said they did not know that Lindsey was going to wear the Pippa dress, it had not come from them directly.

I sincerely hope that Lindsey cleans up her act, and resumes an acting career that once showed such promise. In the meantime, she may do as well as to steer clear of Pippa’s wardrobe!


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