If you think you do a lot of shopping…check this out!


I love shopping…and like most women, I sometimes have to hide the evidence from my hubby. I put bags into bags, try to cram things  into my own handbag, and take eco bags out with me so carrier bags with logos on the front don’t give the game away.
But champion shopper that I am, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to quite the lengths of this lady…needing to buy all those suitcases to hide her purchases. That is one impressive shopper. Unfortunately, she may not find it that easy to get them home, especially  in that regular sized taxi!
This is the latest ad campaign from Bicester Village – the shopping outlet village where you can find designer names at really bargain prices, and I think it is hilarious!
Check it out, and then leave any of  your own funny shopping stories in the comments below.
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