Made in Chelsea – Caggie Dunlop style.

The undisputed female star of Made in Chelsea has to be Caggie Dunlop. The beautiful blonde with the Pre-Raphaelite curls and the bee stung lips has kept viewers hooked with her will she/won’t she relationship with Spencer, which at the moment is most definitely off..or on, you can hardly keep up. But as interesting as the star-crossed lovers might be, it is Caggie’s wardrobe that always catches my eye.

Caggie is the most Bohemian dresser of the Made in Chelsea girls, she has that slightly mismatched, boho vibe that made Sienna Miller  so appealing in the mid noughties.

Caggie’s wardrobe is an interesting mixture of High Street picks, designer finds from Kings Road boutiques and exquisite pieces that she has found whilst travelling. She has a penchant for white, which looks fabulous against her tanned skin, and has a seriously enviable collection of designer tote bags. She puts things together in an eclectic manner, wearing leather beaded sandals for the Made in Chelsea wrap party, and clashing her printed harem trousers and wrap top during a recent episode of Made in Chelsea. No-one could ever accuse Caggie of being boring in her style choices, and that;s why she is always good to watch.

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