Caro Emerald – new style crush.

Strictly come Dancing isn’t usually  the place to discover a new style crush, but that is exactly what happened on the Sunday night result show. Caro Emerald was the guest singer, and she was totally amazing.

A bit of research told me that Caro is currently  the biggest star in Dutch music, and is sure to be a sensation here very soon. A jazz singer who channels the spirit of Billie Holiday, I was totally enthralled by Caro’s voice, music, but, most  of all, her unique retro styling.

Caro has a stunning hourglass figure that she dresses to its best advantage by pouring it into outfits that reflect 50s styling.  The red dress she wore on Strictly was a clear example of this, clinging to her curves in a way that made her look like a screen goddess from the golden age of Hollywood. With vampish red lips and a Billie Holiday like flower in her hair,she was 100% glamour, totally Hollywood. I just adored this look and wanted to see more.

And after tracking down more pictures of Caro’s style, I can confirm she is a girl from another age. Nipped in waists, full skirts, berets and gardenia’s all feature heavily in this girls wardrobe.

What I really love about Caro’ style is that it is a fabulous celebration of her curves. Not super slim, Caro has curves in all the right places and embraces them in clothes that fit the form.  And although black does play a heavy part in her wardrobe, she is not afraid to embrace bight colours -just like that Strictly dress.

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  3. When is Caro touring the USA, or has she and I missed the event. Heard Caro while listening to Kiss-Kiss 103 Radio Napoli on my office computer (in California) because I couldn’t get local stations due to blocking filters. That’s where I first heard “Stuck”. Purchased “Deleted Scenes . . .” from Holland via Amazon. Love the music, the tone, the style. Thank you.

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