An amazing Christmas giveaway..Dress yourself and a friend courtesy of Dressrail.

There’s always that special person who you love to treat at Christmas. She’s the best friend who’s been with you through thick and thin, good times and bad times, the one who you tell all your secrets to knowing she will never judge you and always support you. But what exactly will you buy for her, especially when you have such different tastes?

Never fear, Fashion-Mommy and ace on-line fashion store have put together the perfect comprehensive shopping list that will help you find the perfect gift for your best friend, whatever her shopping personality…and we are offering you and your friend the chance to actually shop the site on us! Merry Christmas!

The Celebrity Obsessive

So, is your friend celebrity obsessed? Does she pour other Heat and Look magazines checking every last detail of the outfits worn by the likes of Rosie Huntington Whiteley and the X Factor judges? Then maybe you should check out these celebrity inspired looks which could be just the answer.

pleated turtle neck embellished tunic £14.99 click to visit Dressrail

This beautiful tunic is a dead ringer for the Corrie Nielson blouse that Kelly Rowland wore on the X Factor last week.

long sleeve sequin dress £23.99 click to visit Dressrail

This amazing dress will give any fashionista a touch of Kate Moss’s gold-dust.

The Designer Obsessive

What about if your best friend loves the designer look…without the designer price tag? Does she scour eBay looking for those designer names at bargain prices, and hope that her High Street buys might be mistaken for Stella or Versace. Dressrail has definitely got some perfect pieces for this friend.

batwing sleeve glitter print knit £16.99 click to visit Dressrail

This cute jumper is very reminiscent of the style of Markus Lupfer, knitwear extraordinaire loved by Lily Allen and Claudia Schiffer amongst others.

dotty mesh contrast jersey long-sleeved top £14.99

Remember that saucy Stella McCartney dress worn by everyone from Kate Winslet to Tess Daly? This is a totally wearable version from Dressrail. Wear with a pencil skirt to spare those blushes.

The outdoors obsessive

Is your best friend an outdoorsey type? Is she happier taking long walks than spending nights in clubs? Is her idea of heaven spending time sailing, skiing, running…basically anything that involves being outside? The these could be the perfect gifts for her.

faux fur hood Parker jacket £27.99 click to visit Dressrail

The perfect snug and warm parka for less than  £30..absolute no brainer!

Rosie Faux Fur trim side lace up boots £29.99 click to visit Dressrail

The platform wedge makes these a comfortable option, whilst that snug fur makes these perfect for those cold winter days.

The Tomboy

What about if your friend is a bit of a tomboy? Does she come out in hives at the thought of glitter and heels? There are plenty of stylish alternatives at Dressrail.

Aztec design knitted crop jumper £17.99

This jumper is definitely a statement, and a must have for any fans of ‘The Killing’ and Sarah Lund’s inimitable style.

skinny fit plain pocket jeans wine £23.99 click to visit Dressrail

Coloured jeans are perfectly girlish for non-girlie girls. These come in lots of shades, but I just love the raspberry.



How would you like to treat your best friend to a shopping spree, whilst also having the option to treat yourself into the bargain? have joined forces with Fashion-Mommy in order to present two lucky friends with £50 each in vouchers to spend at

To win, Simply leave a comment below telling me why you would like to treat your friend this Christmas?

For an extra entry, ‘like’ the Facebook pages for Fashion-Mommy and Facebook.

Competition ends on Friday 2nd December. Winners will be contacted by email.



54 thoughts on “An amazing Christmas giveaway..Dress yourself and a friend courtesy of Dressrail.

  1. I’d love to treat my sister this christmas, who is my best friend & has been there for me more than ever in the last few months when all my other ‘friends’ have disappeared. She is a good friend & deserves a festive treat! 🙂

  2. id like 2 treat my best friend helen! her birthday is on dec 28th so she never really gets a presant its always sorry no money with christmas so she gets stuck with a joint bday/christmas prezzies, never gets a party as all the xmas decs r still up so would b lovely 2 treat her x

  3. I’d love to treat my mum as she has been in and out of hospital and lost weight and could do with a new wardrobe and a treat! xxx

  4. I would love to win this for myself and my best friend, we have both recently had babies and would love to feel super special this christmas x

  5. i would love to win this for me and my friend as i dont really get much chances to enjoy things lokking after the children and working so would be nice to have some glamour and enjoy an evening out tom show off

  6. I’d treat my best friend as she is recently divorced and is a fantastic mum to her soon to be 3yr old daughter (who is an angel and an absolute credit to her)….she will be out of a job in April as her funding runs out so would be nice to give her a treat she can enjoy for herself…she so deserves it

  7. As Winter draws near
    to bring a little cheer
    I’d treat my best friend Ju
    to a stylish new do
    she deserves a little treat
    always being on her freet
    then we’d hit the town in style
    thanks to shopping at a Dressrail Isle 🙂
    thanks for the chance to play and win… good luck to all

  8. I’d like to treat myself and my best friend Avril. We’re both knackered, 40 something mums struggling to look stylish against the tide of young yummy mummies. There’s life in us yet though!

  9. I’d love to treat my best friend Vicky. I have two little girls and no family nearby, so she is their honorary auntie and is always there when I need her to help me out in an emergency, or any other time really! Just don’t know what I’d do without her!!!

  10. I’d like to treat my new mum – who came into my life soon after my 3yr old daughter was born. She has lost ten stone in weight since we met through dieting to get fit for an op. She needs a whole new wardrobe and I owe her big time! Without her in my life I would have gone mad by now as my parents aren’t around and show no interest in my beautiful little girl. I would love to give something back to ‘mum’. I also need new clothes as I have no money and spend my time looking after my girl. My hubby tries his best but we are struggling to pay bills let alone buy new clothes! Thank you Xx

  11. If I won this prize, I would love to treat my best friend. We met at university and have been friends for 15 years. In all that time, she has hated being overweight but has not confronted it. This year, she said she was going to do something about it … and she did! She followed a healthy eating plan and started cycling more. It’s taken most of the year but she reached her target weight and, more importantly, is maintaining it (she’s dropped 6 dress sizes!) This prize would help her treat herself to something in her new size and let me show her that she’s an inspiration to me x

  12. I’d like to treat my Daughter and me, we have both been down after losing my Dad last month. A new dress would help to get our mojo back for xmas

  13. best friend is my husband n he does everything for me no questions ask, always does little things for me to show he loves me n he deserve a treat n to be treated as a king for once 🙂

  14. I think my mam should win this prize as its her birthday today and not only is she my mother but she’s my best friend! I can tell her everything and we love love love shopping together. She never has luck winning things so this suprise could really brighten her day 😀 x

  15. I would treat my eldest.She has been out of work since uni and needs cheering up !
    Following on facebook and twitter.

  16. I woul;d like to treat my daughter Stephanie as she is truly my best friend and helps me through the dullest days. She has just started college so a chance to treat herself to some new clothes would be fantastic.

  17. I would love to give my niece a treat for all the times she has babysit for me

  18. I would love to treat my daughter. She has been poorly a long time and needs cheering up.

  19. I would love to treat my sister, as she is always doing stuff for me, she is a beautician and I have never had to pay for any treatments yet, plus she’s just lost a load of weight and I would really love to treat her to some new clothes

  20. I would like to treat my mum who loves and introduced me to dress rail!she’s my best friend and maybe this could make up a little for all the treats she’s given me,as well as a thankyou for all her help and support,love her lots xx

  21. I would love to treat my best friend because she is such a hard worker (she’s a teacher!) and she loves to get dressed up!

  22. I’d love to treat my sister because she always gives me her old clothes for free and I think it’s time I gave something back!

  23. I would love to treat my best friend of 18 years. I’ve recently gone through a very bad break up, and even though she’s now at a uni which is about 4 hours away, costing around 40 pounds for the train, and came down for the weekend armed with chocolate, dvds, ben and jerrys ice cream (cookie dough, she knows me too well!) and just made me feel a million times better, could not of done it without her. Thats a true best friend, she deserves something lovely 🙂 x

  24. I would love to treat my daughter as she is pregnant with my first grandchild and due in March, She hasnt got much of a bump but her clothes are just starting to get tight, I really cant see her needing maternity clothes so hopefully she can find some pretty tops or at least some nice boots to cheer her up as shes a bit fed up as the Dad doesnt want to know.

    Liked both pages on FB

  25. I would love to treat my friend who has just had her first baby. She was pregnant it seems like FOREVER ha I felt so sorry for her. Now the baby is here we have v little time to spend together 🙁 this would b a great little pressie from her bff 🙂

  26. I would love to treat my daughter in law who is also my best friend. She spends all her time caring for her disabled husband, my son, and the children. She loves looking good but never seems to treat herself as she is always putting them first.

  27. I would love to treat my mum! She’s done so much for me over the years and always puts me and the rest of the family first when it comes to everything. I think now she deserves a special something in return. 🙂

  28. I would love to treat my sister (best friend) this year beacuse she has had a really tough year as she had a miscaridge but even while she was going through this she was always there for me and my silly little problems, i would love to be able to give something back to her and just say thank you . She is now pregnant again and becoming a new young mum in december so will deffo need some new stylish clothes to rock the yummy mummy look. x

  29. I would love to treat my sister (best friend) this year beacuse she has had a really tough year as she had a miscaridge but even while she was going through this she was always there for me and my silly little problems, i would love to be able to give something back to her and just say thank you . She is now pregnant again and becoming a new young mum in december so will deffo need some new stylish clothes to rock the yummy mummy look. 😀 x

  30. i would treat myself and my sister we both need a bit of glam in our lifes not much of that going on the now 🙁 x

  31. Id love to treat my friend to a shopping spree because shes had an year in work and has just got a new job so she deserves some nice new clothes to feel as amazing as she is

  32. I’d love to treat my sister we have both had a baby this year (within 2 weeks of each other!) and could both do with some new clothes after shedding most of our baby weight!

  33. i would love to treat my and her where in a car accident last year and its been a really terrible year this year.i think it would cheer us both up 🙂

  34. Would like to treat my best friend as she became a first time mum at 36 and the relationship with the father has not worked out, and she is such a great mum and best friend too, she deserves it after the difficult past few months xxx

  35. I would like to win this for my friend who has recently given birth to her twin boys. Unfortunately, one was born with a very rare condition called Golden Harrs Syndrome. He has to have a series of operations over the next 6 or 7 years, which has been so upsetting for her and her husband, he is also relying on a tube feed and all they want to do is feed him his bottle. She is such a strong woman and such an inspiration to new mums and mums with children with difficulties. I am so proud of her. It’s about time she was given some good luck after all the sadness lately. Her sister is making a special trip over from Australia for Christmas and we wanted to take my friend on her first night out since the twins were born. It would be lovely to give her a new outfit so that she can feel extra special. x

  36. I’d love to treat my son’s girlfriend. She recently had a miscarriage and is so low at the moment I’d do anything to cheer her up. She is our ray of sunshine ♥

  37. I would love to treat my sis in law, she is home for xmas from australia not saw her in 4 years(missed her so much) shes just found out shes pregnant and deserves a treat!!!xxx

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  39. I would treat my sister! She’s my best friend and currently a poor college gal who could use some new stuff!

  40. it might sound weird, but my bestie is my guy… i’d love to bake him a nice cake and shop lovely warm snuugies for him, this christmas.

  41. i would love to treat my bestfriend (my sister, well one of them ) this christmas because she is the best ever and there is NOTHING she wouldnt do for me !!! xx

  42. would love to treat my best friend, she lost her job this year and doesnt have a lot of spare money with having 5 kids, so this would be great for her

  43. i would love to win this treat for my best friend because shes had an awful year and it would be great for her to end 2011 with something nice because she deserves it :)) xx

  44. I´d love to treat my mum to something glamorous from DressRail. She´s always treating me so it would be nice if I could treat her for once.

  45. I would like to treat my friend Sharon of 16 years as she has had a tough time as a single mom to teenagers, trying to better herself going back to college whilst holding down a full time job! She never has money or time for herself and this would be a lovely treat for her.

  46. I would love to treat my best friend Lorraine she has been there through my very low times . she is my strenght when i need it , and we have been through some things the same when it came to us trying to have family’s of our own ,plus we both know our naughty sides and we both need to get dressed up and have a good night out on the town. I would to give her a super treat.

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