1920s Splendour for 2012 – Carey Mulligan and The Great Gatsby

As any regular Fashion-Mommy reader will know, I’m having a bit of a 1920s/Art Deco fashion obsessive moment. I just seem to have full in love with feathers, fringes and flappers. So for me, one of the highlights of 2012 will be the release of Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby starring the luminous Carey Mulligan. I have adored this book since I was a teenager, reading it on numerous occasions and also searching out other F Scott Fitzgerald books like Tender is the Night and The Beautiful and the Damned.But I have never felt film versions have done justice to the book, the 1970s version starring Mia Farrow looked beautiful but Mia was no Daisy.

So I’m really looking forward to seeing one of my favourite actresses, Carey Mulligan, tackling this role. And with the first film stills from the film released this week, I’m even more excited. The jewels and costumes just look exquisite, with vintage dresses apparently being loaned from Ashley Olsen’s extensive collection. But for me it is all about the accessories.

Amazing jewelled headbands and long silk scarves tied around the head look so chic you long for a sleek blonde bob like Daisy/Carey. And with lace gloves, acres of single strand pearls and layered pearl bracelets, this look is destined to be much copied when the film is released, late in 2012. And whilst the vintage dresses can be a difficult and expensive look to copy, the accessories are a much easier option. Ebay and charity shops are a great source of vintage beads and pearls, whilst the high street also stock inexpensive pieces.

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