Terry De Havilland shines at Sarenza

Hi shoes have been beloved by the coolest of celebrities for more than 40 years. He’s known as the Rock and Roll Cobbler, and, in 1972, he created the now iconic Margaux wedge, a shoe so beautiful that Kate Moss is still wearing it 40 years later. He is Terry De Haviland, and his new shoe collection is now available at Sarenza.

TERRY DE HAVILLAND Margaux £463.50 click to visit Sarenza

This is an amazing  collection of must-have shoes that stay close to Terry’s rock and roll roots. The Margaux is still there, of course, but we are also introduced to some brand new designs, which give more than a passing glance to the 1970s heyday of glam rock.

There’s the Zia, which is a stack heeled Ziggy Stardust of a shoe, in stunning metallic shades of blue and silver, or red and gold. Then there’s the elegant, peep toed Charlie, that could,ve belonged to Faye Dunaway in her Laura Mars glory.  The Pennie is Margaux’s more grown up big sister, in striking gold and black this is your ultimate going out shoe, with a jewelled buckle for that extra special touch.

TERRY DE HAVILLAND Zia £463.50 click to visit Sarenza

TERRY DE HAVILLAND Charlie £369.90 click to visit Sarenza

TERRY DE HAVILLAND Pennie £463.50 click to visit Sarenza

And then there’s the Lisette, a show designed to get you in mind for Summer, with rope style ribbons to lace around your leg, perfect with a cheesecloth sundress or a pair of capri pants.

TERRY DE HAVILLAND Lisette £350 click to visit Sarenza

The whole collection is a glorious hurrah to the supreme talent of Terry De Havilland, featuring shoes that are iconic items of lust.

To see the whole collection, visit Sarenza by clicking on the link here.


6 thoughts on “Terry De Havilland shines at Sarenza

  1. I am so in love with these shoes…and I wouldn’t know which pair to pick…maybe the Charlie, do they come in other colours?

    • Yes, there is a fantastic orange/coral shade that is pretty gorgeous, and I think there might be blue too.

  2. Geraldine, think I’m just a sucker for Margaux wedges since I saw Kate Moss wearing them a few years ago. I saw the Selfridges exhibition and the shoes are such works of art, I was just smitten!

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