Big Bags…The pick of the bunch.

A Twitter chat with a fellow blogger was the inspiration behind this post. Marina from ‘talk and type‘ (check it out, it’s great!) and I were talking about her brand new Zatchel, and about all the rubbish we choose to lug around every single day in our handbags. I was moaning about how I constantly find things belonging to both my husband and son in my bag, leading to the ‘no wonder it’s so heavy’ exclamation as I nearly dislocate my shoulder picking it up.

I can’t be the only woman who seems to carry my life in my bag. Purse, keys, book, phone, make-up, perfume, Oyster Card, diary, notebook and copious amounts of pens, with and without lids, can be found in my bag. So far, so normal. But you can also find cars, MacDonald’s Happy meal toys, hubbies wallet, bits of Lego and spare pull up pants in my bag. Sometimes I really need to use a suitcase rather than a bag.

Lately I’ve taken to carrying a ‘rescue’ bag. This is a cute, fold away bag that can be left in my main bag as an overflow facility. Now I’m carrying two, overflowing, arm breaking bags. Is this just me? I think not?

So, I’ve scoured the net looking for the most stylish ‘big bags’, and here they are. I hope you like them.

LANVIN Happy cross–hatch large tote £990.00 click to visit Selfridges

ARMANI JEANS Patent shopper £90.00 click to visit Selfridges

Coquette Nautical Charm Tote £36.00 click to visit Accessorise

Colour Block Tote £40.00 click to visit Accessorise

Lulu Guinness Med Eloise tote bag Now £ 47.50 click to visit House of Fraser

Pied a Terre Miami north south tote Now £ 90.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Linea Metallic tote Now £ 25.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Voyager Elite £135 click to visit Made of Carpets

Ladybug Cracked Leather Satchel £104 click to visit Zatchels







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