Competiton time – Whooga Ugg Boots

It is officially freezing. Winter has set in, just when many of us thought that spring was around the corner. It’s nature’s nasty little way of keeping us on our toes, but it is also the perfect condition to test drive a new pair of boots which promised to keep my feet warm and snug.

I’m pleased to say Whooga Ugg Boots keep their promise and offer so much more than just warmth. I admit I was a latecomer to the cult of the Ugg boot. I always declared that my boots needed to have a heel, or else I just wouldn’t wear them. But having a little boy who wants to spend every waking hour outside, and having to do a school run on rather cold mornings when the ground underfoot is still decidedly frosty, has changed my opinion. But I find the Ugg Australia to be more costly than my pocket can afford at present, whilst many cheaper equivalents offer warmth, but little else. Could Whooga Uggs offer an alternative that was both easier on the pocket whilst offering great quality and style?

Tall Metallic Ugg Boot £95 click to visit Whooga Ugg Boots

The answer is an emphatic yes. Whooga Ugg boots are fabulous! The high quality Merino Sheepskin wool keeps your feet absolutely toasty, even as outside temperatures continue to drop. But, and this is a crucial point, they don’t make your feet sweaty or smelly. They seem to miraculously maintain the correct temperature, warm, but not too hot.

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They are also surprisingly light. An issue with boots, particularly flat style boots, is that they can be heavy, forcing your feet to ache if you wear them for too long. Whooga Uggs are supportive of your feet, but they are not so heavy as to leave your legs and feet feeling tired and uncomfortable after long wears. I wore mine all day earlier this week, and joked that they  could double as my slippers because they were just so comfortable.

The Whooga Uggs I have been wearing are the classic tall style in the traditional chestnut shade. These are fabulous in their versatility. You can wear them turned over with the sheepskin showing for a really cute casual style, or you can keep them upright for a smarter look. I really like them with simple knitted dresses for a smarter daytime look and am seriously tempted to now get another pair in the deep violet shade, a colour which is a bit of a fave at the moment.

Classic Tall Ugg Boots £89 click to visit Whooga Boots

Love this Colour! Classic Tall Ugg Boots £89

I am totally in love with my wonderful Whooga boots and don’t think I’ll be removing them for the rest of the month. Now, how do you fancy winning a pair for yourself.

Competition Time

Fashion-Mommy and Whooga Ugg Boots  have joined together to host a fantastic giveaway. One lucky reader could win a pair of classic tall Ugg boots.

Here is what you have to do to enter

1. Like Fashion-Mommy on Facebook.

2. Like Whooga Ugg Boots on Facebook

Leave a comment saying you need to be entered.

For an extra entry follow @whoogaboots and @fashion_mommyWM on Twitter

Competition ends 24th February 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email.



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  1. I definitely need to be entered please. I follow you both on twitter and facebook. Thank you!!!!!!

  2. I love the look and colours of these boots – thanks Fashion Mommy for bringing these to my attention. Feet are freezing in this weather these would be lovely on my feet.

    • Woops! I Meant I Would Just Like to Be Entered. My Niece Has The Short Pink Ones! But Im A Size US 6 :)) Just A Lil Mistake!

  3. Always wanted a pair of these boots! I liked your facebook page!, Enter me please:), Thankyou x

  4. Enter me please!

    Already liked your Fb page and I have just liked Whooga Ugg Boots Fb page too! (as Sarah Morris)

    Following both pages on twitter @sarah34090


  5. Liked on Facebook as Amy Louise Howarth 🙂

    Also following on Twitter through @AmieLou24

    Please enter me 😀

  6. They look so comfy and there available in cool colours too! I love the purple ones, very unique. I’m following on twitter and facebook 🙂

  7. I would LOVE to win a pair! Whooga sounds like the noise I would make if I won!! 🙂 Thank you, I am following you both on facebook and twitter @emymc xx

  8. Please enter me i have done all of the above, fb name Helen E Harris and twitter @picklepie35 😀

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