Next’s High Gloss Ad Campaign

Every so often, you spot an ad campaign in the magazines that just fills you with lust. This season I have totally fell in love with two campaigns. The first was the stunning Hitchcockian fantasy from Jil Sander. And the second was the High street cornucopia that came from Next.

I just adore this campaign, which could easily be High End designer. Seriously, how has Kate Middleton not discovered this store on her High Street jaunts? Featuring the gorgeous Arizona Muse in full Lauren Bacall beauty, I adore the luxurious poolside settings, the gorgeous mix of colours, and the stunning outfits that Next have put together.

Top £24 Skirt £20 Bag £22 click to visit Next

The green lace peplum top is a definite favourite with Fashion-Mommy, and teamed with a red colour pop pencil skirt, this has a real 1980s feel.

Shirt dress £45 click to visit Next

This fabulous shirt dress reminds me of the styling of the wonderful Faye Dunaway in the 1970s film, Network. This would make a super chic outfit for a day at the office, as smart as a suit, but so much more stylish.

Shirt £30 click to visit Next

This scarf print shirt carefully taps into the trend for all things Versace this season! Alex Jones wore this on the One Show recently and it looked amazing, and super expensive.

top £26 skirt £32 click to visit Next

This outfit is just 50s housewife perfect. Think Julianne Moore in ‘Far from Heaven’. Pretty and feminine, I love the block colours mixed with those stripes.


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  1. I love that they have spent so much care and attention on their campaign, the pics are great.

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