Studio 52 at The Cube – Birmingham’s hot new destination.

Studio 52 is one of the hottest destinations in Birmingham at the present time. The luxurious photography studio, which is located in Adee Phelan’s salon in The Cube, offers professional photography, with beforehand pampering for normal people, making you feel like a film star, even if it’s just for one day!

Studio 52 offers a complete experience, an opportunity to produce beautiful, professional photographs in a series of interesting and opulent settings. Forget all those cheesy family group shots you have ever seen, or those cruise ship shots with decidedly dodgy backgrounds, these are photographs that you would actually want to have on display.

Studio 52 aims to offer everyone the chance of beautiful photographs, either individual portrait shots, loving couple prints or wonderful family shots to savour. With beautiful lighting, and good photography really glorious things can be achieved. But let’s say that on the morning of the shoot, you discovered the biggest spot you’d ever seen on your nose, or a blemish that seemed intent on taking over your face. Studio 52 can help remove those imperfections with a retouching service that you can be part of, if you so wish. This isn’t about airbrushing in the Hollywood sense, but it can help you to smooth things out, or make minor imperfections disappear, if you want them to!

Fashion-Mommy is very excited as  I will be having a special, photographic experience at Studio 52. I will bring you all the background to the photography session, and also a very special competition…so Watch this space!

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