Anna Sophia Robb is the new Carrie!

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Sex In The City prequel ‘The Carrie Diaries’ for some time now, with speculation rife about who would step into Sarah Jessica Parker’s gym shoes in order to play the young Carrie Bradshaw. It seemed that the front runner was Blake Lively, but I was never happy about that choice. The lithe Blake was too beautiful, too sexy and too self assured to play a fiesty, but naive young Carrie, and I voiced my concern in a past post. Carrie Bradshaw is, after all, a modern icon, and so the person chosen needed to be able to live up to our image of her. Blake Lively, fabulous as Serena, could never be Carrie.

But now the long wait is over, and the new Carrie has been revealed. Step forward relatively unknown 18 year old AnnaSofia Robb. AnnaSofia is probably best known for her role as Violet in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and I think she could be perfect as Carrie. She is the right age to be the teenaged Carrie, and she looks the part, pretty and cute rather than sophisticatedly beautiful.


She is also showing some serious potential as a style icon. Pretty prom dresses, aztec printed mini dresses from High Street brands like All Saints and simple denim and leather could truly be the wardrobe of a young Carrie. And with her tumbling blonde waves and perfect teeth, you feel like the Carrie baton may’ve been past into good hands.

With Carrie now in place, we can get excited about how might be cast as Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Who would you choice be?


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One thought on “Anna Sophia Robb is the new Carrie!

  1. Obviously still a huge Sex and The City fan, cant wait for the rest of the cast to be revealed. I dont know who I would cast for Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte right now, something to think about.

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