Thorntons Great British Pudding Eggs -Utterly delicious

So, I managed to provoke a lot of envy and discussion on my Facebook page last week when I disclosed that Thorntons had sent me some rather special Easter Eggs to sample. Lots of friends offered to help me to savour the delights of these chocolate delicacies,and many expressed that they already had a favourite one with their name on it earmarked for Easter. I had frankly never heard such lust for chocolate eggs. But these are no ordinary eggs…

Allow me to introduce you to Thorntons Luxury Eggs that have been based on favourite British puddings. The Eton Mess Egg, Lemon Meringue Egg and (my personal favourite) the Banoffee pie Eggs are not just a bit of chocolate with a few sweets in the middle. These are beautifully presented works of art that have real bits of fruit in them in order to give you an authentic taste of your favourite pud.

Eton Mess Easter Egg (425g) £14.99 click to visit Thorntons

The Eton mess egg is a berry lovers delight. A glorious pink concoction, this tastes of succulent strawberries and then adds a zingy touch with the pieces of meringue and raspberry that decorate the front. This is the prettiest, girliest Easter Egg you could give or receive this Easter…just add squirty cream for extra decadence!

Lemon Meringue Easter Egg (430g) £14.99 click to visit Thorntons

The Lemon Meringue Easter Egg is made with dreamy White chocolate, but due to the zesty taste of lemon, this avoids being too overpowering. What I really loved about this egg was the thickness of the chocolate, it was amazing, and also really creamy.

Banoffee Pie Easter Egg (430g) £14.99 click to visit Thorntons

Banoffee Pie Easter Egg (430g) £14.99 click to visit Thorntons

And now to my personal favourite. As someone who adores banana, chocolate and Thorntons creamy toffee, the Banoffee Pie Easter egg was a winner on all fronts. This egg is gorgeous, the front is decorated with slices of banana and pieces of Thorntons special toffee, whilst that same toffee is used to speckle the shell, giving a delicious toffee taste to the chocolate. Perfect!

I adore these eggs, they look like you have made the effort and are perfect for sharing. They would make a great Easter gift for a couple,although, if I’m being frank, they almost look too good to eat! Almost…but not quite.


2 thoughts on “Thorntons Great British Pudding Eggs -Utterly delicious

  1. They look amazing and im very disappointed you didnt take me up on my very kind affer to help you sample them!!!
    Seriously, well done to Thorntons for thinking outside the box and making an Easter Egg thats different to any other in the shops x

  2. I agree, these look super expensive and almost too good to eat, yet they are under £20 which I think is seriously good value for something this good.

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