Boden’s Carrie Bradshaw tribute

Boden’s new season has arrived! And this might just be me, but some of the elements seem very familiar to this massive Sex and the City fan. Many parts of the collection are a nod to the legendary style of Carrie Bradshaw, featuring bold floral prints, bows on the waistband and corsages littered throughout. The feminine, but eclectic style remains a strong image, and I think Boden have done really well in channelling all that was fabulous about Carrie’s style, but updating the image for today’s market.

Take a look and see if you agree with me.

Retro Rose Dress £58.65 click to visit Boden

Summer Sun Shift £67.15 click to visit Boden

Rose Coat £148.75 click to visit Boden

Swishy Cotton Skirt £31.85 click to visit Boden

More Carrie touches

Corsage Sandals £58.65 click to visit Boden

Corsage Wedges £93.50 click to visit Boden

Flowerburst Heels £84.15 click to visit Boden


New Customer Offer

Following on from the success of the last new customer offer, we have this great new promotion:

·         Offer: New Customers Receive a Free Printed Beachbag with their First Order

·         Starts: 20/04/2012

·         Expires: 20/05/2012

·         Code: L973

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