The Only Way is Bikinis!

A few days ago I wrote a piece about the Kelly Brook range of swimwear for New Look. I mentioned that one of the things I loved about the range was that it was both wearable and flattering  for real women. I tweeted about my post and received a tweet from a lady called Karen Wilton, one of the brains behind new swimwear company ‘The Only Way is Bikinis’, who told me that she too designs costumes and bikinis thinking of girls and ladies of all types. I was intrigued and wanted to find out more. What I found were some of the most unusual and glamorous swimwear I’d ever seen, influenced by the poolwear worn by the ladies of TOWIE. I’ll allow Karen to tell you a little more herself…

“I started this enterprise last year inspired by TOWIE! My daughter’s friends wanted bikinis like the ones featured in the first series and the designer wouldn’t make any. I used to own a hat hire business years ago and thought it couldn’t be impossible to do. So it all started from there…”

Karen and Leigh Wilton have successfully tapped into the current obsession with all things Essex. Girls like Amy Childs, Lydia Bright and especially Chloe Sims keep up a highly glamorous image even when they are relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Sparkles, diamante and over the top, oversized flowers are all de rigueur as part of swimwear, although how much actual swimming these ladies do is questionable. But there is no doubt they do look glamorously eye-catching.

The Only Way is Bikinis have all that High Octane glamour, but they are actually practical too. The designs are  hand crafted and hand sewn ,and you can choose from a range of swimsuits, tankinis and monokinis. The company use good quality products and cater for any size. But what I really love is that these designs have a practical edge, you CAN get wet in the designs.As Karen and Leigh tell us on their Facebook page – ‘Our flowers don’t flop!!!!’

Here are a few of my favourites from the current range.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit behind ‘The Only Way is Bikinis’. I will leave the final word with Karen ‘…Yesterday I  had an article in The Times and Tuesday I speaking at a women’s enterprise event at Westfield Stratford on celebrating success – which we are all bad at doing – especially women!  I’m Really passionate about supporting women’s enterprise and entrepreneurship and want to try to change our attitudes about how we look and what we ‘should’ wear, especially in swimwear.!

To find out more visit the Facebook page

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