Duchess Kate wears Matthew Williamson – and looks AMAZING!

At the African Cats premiere, Kate Middleton showed why she continues to impress with her style credentials, choosing a glorious Matthew Williamson style dress that just ticked all the right boxes.

In the softest grey, this shift style dress had the bang-on-trend peplum waistband and an unusual jewelled and beaded neckline and cuffs that had a touch of the ornate 1960s about them. The jewelled neckline also added a colour pop with green and yellow beads that sparkled and shone on the wettest night of the year.

How to get the look

You could  create your own version of Kate’s dress with a simple, sleek peplum dress that  could then be embellished  with  an ornate bib/ Cleopatra style collar necklace. The great thing about this look is that when you remove the necklace, you get a completely different look – two for the price of one!

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4 thoughts on “Duchess Kate wears Matthew Williamson – and looks AMAZING!

  1. So pretty and stylish.
    Don’t you think with their sense of humour you could almost see the speech bubble above their heads saying something like, “Does my bum look big in this?” or “Here we go again Kate, the fashion police are out in force tonight”…………

    • They are such a lovely couple and so much fun. They could well be saying something like that…

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