Sparkling shoes – not just for Dorothy.

What’s your favourite part of The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy, played by the legendary Judy Garland at her most heartbreaking? The hilarious Cowardly Lion? Maybe it’s the oh-so-cute Toto? Well, if you’re anything like me, your favourite part of The Wizard of Oz will be Dorothy’s exquisite ruby-red slippers, those stunning sparkly numbers that she had to drop a house on a witch to get. Dorothy showed that sparkly, glittery shoes do not need to be restricted simply to evening occasions – she even rocked hers with gingham!

This season Spartoo have an amazing selection of glittery shoes that add sparkle to even the wettest and dullest of days (yes, I am thinking today). With a selection of  different heel sizes, round, pointed and peep toed, there is a style to suit everyone. Personal favourites of mine are Stylistclick Liz  gold Mary  Janes, which could be Miu Miu and yet cost just £35 and the Frida Jelena’s, which have a Hollywood 1940s feel and which I have added to my already massive Spartoo shopping list.

So, the challenge for May, shoe-nista’s, should you accept it, is to add sparkly shoes to your day wardrobe. I’m thinking skinny jeans, crisp white shirt, and a touch of sparkle on your feet. Understated and unexpected – perfect daytime attire.

JELENA Nude £ 128.00 click to visit Spartoo

LIZ Gold £ 35.00 click to visit Spartoo

NATALIE Navy £ 35.00 click to visit Spartoo

SALLY Orange £ 111.00 click to visit Spartoo

SHAYLA Blue £ 35.00 £ 31.50 click to visit Spartoo




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  1. ooh is it wrong i am kind of drawn to the Sally pair? Not that I have any idea when they would be suitable, but since when did that thought ever enter one’s head when shoe-shopping?

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