How to really dress for British weather

The weather has kept us all on our toes recently, with sunshine and 25°C one day giving way to snow and ice the next. Whilst this is expected by us Brits now, it can still throw up all sorts of trouble when you’re trying to get dressed for the day; each morning becomes a guessing game and trying to predict what the weather will be like in the next few hours is near impossible. While there are dozens of articles out there claiming to provide the ideal solution to dressing for our ever-changing atmosphere, most of them aren’t very practical (or nice to look at!), so we’ve taken this opportunity to give you some ideas of how to really dress for our indecisive weather.


Firstly, nights out; they can require a week of planning in advance in the winter. What looks great on the dance floor definitely doesn’t look great when you’re slipping in the ice and snow in your platform heels. That’s why God invented the fold-up ballet shoe – the name’s pretty self-explanatory, you can fold these bad boys up and keep them in your handbag for walking between bars, then put your killer heels back on once you’re safely inside. It’s well-known that British women will wear  dresses whatever the weather, but the smart ones will cover up with a trench coat to prevent any cases of frostbite and save any embarrassment if you do happen to slip over on the treacherous ice patches waiting for you.






Days at the office can be a nightmare for commuters, with the sudden downpours and glaring sunshine that love to pop up without warning you can find yourself soaking wet and steaming hot by the time you get to work. I know it’s boring, but layering is the only way to combat this, so you can quickly strip off if it decides to jump up ten degrees on the way over.  Wearing high heeled boots might seem risky, but if you want to avoid puddles creeping up your trousers, you’ll heed my warning and wear them (remember, you have the fold-up shoes too!).






You might think you’re pretty safe in summer; the sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and of course men and women across the country are donning their sock/sandal combos and floral dresses in anticipation of the heat. By all means, join them, but don’t naively assume that there won’t be a torrential downpour at some point during your day out, and come prepared. For the love of all things good, bring some sort of coat, and wear some shoes that won’t fall apart in the wet and will dry off quickly once the sun reappears. These flatform sandals seem to tick both boxes; summery enough for the park, but the wedge will stop your feet getting wet (I’m not just a pretty face!) and they will dry out in no time.

Of course, you need to remember the essential item hidden in every woman’s handbag – an umbrella; because it’s rare a day goes by that you won’t be battling against the elements to save your hair from total destruction.

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    • I know – it’s not been the best of seasons has it, but at least there are stylish alternatives to getting wet!

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