Have you tried Miinto yet?

Have you taken a trip around Miinto.co.uk yet? If not, why not? Miinto is a shoppers haven, imagine a whole host of independent boutiques housed on a single shopping heaven website and you will have the general idea. Miinto is able to showcase a whole host of independent, smaller brands on their website, helping brands that do not have their own websites to develop their e-commerce capabilities, whilst providing the shoppers with access to a feast of new designers and brands. A frankly fantastic idea!

Miinto had considerable success in Scandinavia before it was launched in the UK in April 2012.  It is currently the rather stylish home to more than 350 brands from 33 boutiques, and caters for men, women and children. Some of the brands that caught my eye included Project D, Antik Batik, 18 and East and American Retro, whilst the boutiques include the über trendy Village Bicycle, brainchild of fashionista Willa Keswick, the award-winning Dressing Room, and Birmingham’s own Disorder. You can find out about the different boutiques through the boutique directory.

I think Miinto is a fantastic idea, a great way of supporting and promoting the small, independent boutiques that offer diversity in fashion through unique designs and collections.

A selection of what Miinto has to offer



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    • Fiona they have some really great stuff, be prepared to max that credit card!

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