Boden’s Limited Edition – Bree Van De Kamp’s wardrobe anyone?

One of the saddest things about the end of Desperate Housewives is that we will no longer get the opportunity to lust over Mrs Van De Kamp’s wardrobe (and yes, I know she got married a few times after Rex, but she will always be Bree Van De Kamp to me.) Bree’s mixture of pristine Stepford Wives but with a surprisingly sexy edge was always a style highlight, the only TV character who came close to challenging Carrie Bradshaw in my affections.

From full-skirted dresses, to neat early 1960s inspired numbers, teamed with gorgeous embellished knits, Bree was a lady who never had a hair out-of-place, a crease on her skirt or any look that even slightly resembled flustered. Beautiful, elegant and always impeccable, Bree was the embodiment of the word Lady.

The great news is that Boden’s Limited Edition collection could’ve been drawn from Bree’s wardrobe. Full of silk print dresses, gorgeous jewelled knits and slinky pencil skirts, this whole collection screams Ladylike. And the great news is that the whole collection is currently reduced in the Summer sale. These pieces are timeless, definitely an investment buy that you will wear over and over again. True style classic – just like Bree Herself!


If Bree went to Boden?

Watercolour Floral Dress £44.70 click to visit Boden


vintage embellished cardigan £55.60 click to visit Boden

Chic Broderie Skirt £29.70 click to visit Boden

Boden Sophia dress £80 click to visit Boden

Broderie Scallop Dress £89.40 click to visit Boden

Lucy Dress £91.70 click to visit Boden



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  1. Well, I also loved the label and the character. I guess it just a matter of time before the designer releases a character-inspired line. Love the dresses, especially the red one.

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