A chat with Stacey Solomon at Birmingham Skyride

August 24th, 2012

The Skyride hit the city of Birmingham last week in super style. Over 20,000 cyclists turned out to take part in this fab event, and they were rewarded with dry weather, some amazing BMX stunt riding, the chance to see an Olympic gold medal courtesy of the wonderful Laura Trott, and also the opportunity to meet the very lovely Stacey Solomon.

I was very pleased to have the chance to meet Stacey and ask her some questions. She was super blonde, super tanned and super gorgeous (jealous much…). She was also very bubbly and friendly – just like her TV persona always shows. She had just completed a mammoth autograph session and was taking a break with her lovely little boy Zach, but was very open and gave a lovely interview. Here are some of the things she said.

On her involvement with the Sky ride…

“I took inspiration from the Olympics – I just loved the Olympics so much. Zach loves cycling so when Sky got in touch and asked me to be part of the skyride, there was no way I would say no…after the Olympics I just couldn’t wait! The set up today is absolutely lovely. I love that everyone is getting involved, and the children on the bikes look so sweet. There is a great atmosphere today and the weather has stayed dry so that has been brilliant too.”

On her own cycling style…

“I ride with Zach..I just ride a normal bike. Zach has a blue bike and I have a pink one and that’s all I know about bikes really! When I ride a bike I just tie my hair back and dress casual – I couldn’t ride a bike in a dress! Today was the first time I’d rode on a bike with a basket on the front!”

On motherhood second time around…

“It’s a lot easier – and it all comes back to you. With your first you wonder ‘what am I going to do?’ and worry about everything. But this time around it is so much easier. And Zach is fab with Leighton.”

On getting back into shape after pregnancy…

“I didn’t diet – I just eat normal foods and keep active. I like cycling in the park. I do enjoy going to the gym but I don’t always have time, so sometimes exercise is walking to the park, or running around after the kids…”

On work/Life balance…

“I don’t know about the balance..I’ll sleep in the car all the way home today, I always go to sleep in a moving vehicle. Sometimes I think I keep going on adrenaline, but I love my children and I love what I do, so that keeps me moving along and keeps me busy.”

On her time on the X Factor…

“So many fantastic memories, singing with Michael Buble and then getting to the final, the last girl in the competition. I just loved getting to the final with Dannii (Minogue). Loved it all.”

On advice for young mother’s…

“Don’t let anyone tell you it wont be ok – try to enjoy it. It will be the best thing that ever happens to you so enjoy it. Everything will be fine.”

On her upcoming album…

“It will be different from what you heard from me on the X Factor. It’s been so nice to write my own songs and this definitely has a live lounge style. I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to play a big part in the album, rather than just being given a lot of songs to sing. It’s all very exciting. The first single is out October, and then the album will be out in November. I’m really pleased with it.”

Fashion-Mommy with Stacey Solomon

With huge thanks to Stacey Solomon, Doron Salomon from Spreading Jam, Deborah Thomas and British Cycling, and Sky.


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  1. dawn says:

    She seems so lovely and down to earth – love Stacey Solomon on tv and it’s nice to see she seems the same in

  2. dawn says:

    oops! Real life.

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