Rose Royce from White Stuff – quirky and wonderful

October 9th, 2012

As a huge fan of White Stuff, I am always interested in what they will come up with next. After all, this is the brand that encourages you to wear a tea cosy on your head, so frankly, anything is possible. The latest collection in store is called Rose Royce, but it has nothing to do with ‘Car Wash’. This collection is all about the English Eccentric. Think the Mitford’s, the Queen with her headscarf and wellies at Sandringham, or the hunting and shooting set wearing their pearls and the family jewels over a beaten up Barbour. This is one of my favourite ever collections from White Stuff, full of earthy glamour and quirky Englishness.

Favourite piece, and one which I am totally coveting, is the gorgeous ‘Wandering typewriters’ dress. As a writer, how could I not love a dress full of an instrument that is now almost a relic. With navy and purple at its heart, this is just a gorgeous piece that is original and, yes, eccentric.

WANDERING TYPEWRITERS DRESS £55.00 click to visit White Stuff

KOOKY SKIRT £55.00 click to visit White Stuff

CHLOE KNIT JUMPER £55.00 click to visit White Stuff

ROSE TREE DRESS £55.00 click to visit White Stuff

PRETTY RIBBONS TOP £39.95 click to visit White Stuff

PLAIN MENARGERIE CARDI £45.00 click to visit White Stuff

DEARIE DRESS £55.00 click to visit White Stuff

Click here to view the new White Stuff collection.




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