What to wear on a night out in a casino

When you are deciding what to wear for a night out in a casino there are a number of things to take into account. These include the time of year and the casino’s location. For instance, there is a huge different between the dress codes in US casinos such as those found in Las Vegas and European ones.

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In Las Vegas the dress code is, for the most part is very liberal, however some Vegas casinos are a little more upmarket than others. If you intend playing at the top tables in the Bellagio then the stated dress code is “upscale fashionable attire”. However in most of them you can wear anything you like as long as it isn’t beachwear. A word of warning about wearing too little, the temperature outside may well be 30C or even hotter, but the air conditioning in most casinos tends to be very powerful (they don’t want you falling asleep) and it can feel quite cold inside, so take a cover-up of some kind.

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In the large majority of European Casinos the dress code is smart casual, and it is strictly enforced. You won’t get away with anything that doesn’t conform to a reasonably tasteful standard. For instance men shouldn’t wear: shorts or short trousers, trainers or sandals, track suits or sports shirts, T-shirts, any items with text or pictures especially if the text is at all inflammatory, baggy jeans (though smart jeans might be considered acceptable), and hooded shirts or tops.

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For women any smart dress, skirt and top, slacks or smart jeans is acceptable as long as it isn’t too skimpy or revealing. The more glamorous end of smart casual is ideal, though as long as you don’t look out too out of place. Avoid that little black dress look though, or you might get mistaken for a croupier. And if you stick to an online casino, you can wear anything you like.