Breathe New Life into nights out

Getting together and spending time with friends can be tricky, what with all the responsibilities of family, children and work that most of us have. Just finding the time can be difficult enough, but add in the potential cost of a big night out and trying to find something to please everyone, and it can seem more hassle than it’s worth!

But there are ways to inject new life into your regular gathering with your mates, and ways to keep it interesting.

Same old, same old?

It’s easy to get in a routine of visiting the same pubs on the same nights, going to the same kinds of clubs and finding yourself living a Groundhog Day when it comes to a social life. Local pubs offer great entertainment these days, with many putting gigs, quizzes and sports on for the regulars, but even these events can get a little staid and dull.

Take a look around next time you’re at your local – how many people are actually staring at their phones and texting away rather than speaking to their friends or partner? You’ll most likely find there’s a fair few – doesn’t bode well for a fun night out does it?


Breathing new life into an old routine

As well as looking for new gigs, places to go and things to do you might want to check out something that will offer alternative nights out. Speedquizzing. Putting a brand new twist on the old stalwart, the classic pub quiz, Speedquizzing gives you a fabulously interactive experience.

Dispensing with all the bad bits of the old style pub quiz (dodgy questions made up by the quiz master, people sneakily cheating on their smartphones, boring rounds and, most tediously of all, the sheer length of time it takes to find out the scores and name the winning team) and keeping all the good bits (team fun, amusing questions, loads of variety, seamless questions) Speedquizzing is a totally different way to play.

You get to use your smartphone for something more fun than browsing Facebook while bored as well. Speedquizzing is based around proprietary software that uses centralised questions from a vast database, and allows teams to hook up to the system with their phone or tablet, essentially turning it into a buzzer.



The no cheat quiz

Questions are truly quickfire, truly balanced and truly cheat proof – as the scores are kept by the centralised computer holding the software (the quiz master’s laptop) there is no way for anyone to mess with them, and the speed with which questions are delivered means there’s no chance of a sneaky peak for the answer.

It makes the pub quiz truly interactive and brings it completely up to date, giving a fresh twist to your weekly night out.