Things to consider when planning a loft conversation

February 17th, 2017

A loft conversation can often be the answer when you are struggling for space in your current home. You can create extra bedrooms, another bathroom or study space by converting your loft, and this can often mean you can stay in the home you love, rather than needing to move out as your family grows. But there are some key points that you need to consider when you opt to convert your loft. These will ensure you get the best out of the space you have, and are not left disappointed.

Will the Space be big enough for your needs

My husband Pete is a loft conversion specialist and says that one of the problems he sometimes faces is that people are disappointed with how big their new loft space is. You have to bear in mind that one side of the roof will remain sloping, so you will not get the same amount of space has you have on your current first floor. You also need to consider your existing roof height. It needs to be a minimum of two metres in height – after all, you do need to be able to stand up in the new room.


Lofts are notoriously dark spaces, so you need to add light. The best way to do this is with a Salstro roof window. Salstro, produce the best quality roof windows and you can find a wide range of styles and sizes at The windows come with a ten year guarantee, and in a range of finishes to suit the style of your new room.

The staircase

The configuration of the new staircase into the loft space is probably the most important thing to consider. You don’t want to be in the position of losing a room downstairs if you are only going to be gaining one new room in your loft. The most popular loft conversions create one new bedroom and an ensuite bathroom that works from an existing stairs and landing. This is the best situation for creating a new space.

Finding the right company

A loft conversation is a massive job, so you need to look carefully when it comes to choosing a team/company to convert your roof space. Look for a reputable company and read up on customer testimonials. This is your home so you deserve the best team.

If you take all these points into consideration, you should be able to create a beautiful new living space in your home.



10 Responses to “Things to consider when planning a loft conversation”

  1. My parents had a loft conversion in their house when we moved in and it was great to give us the extra space that we needed x

  2. Yaya says:

    If I buy a house I will definitely look into getting a loft conversion. It’s a perfect way to gain some extra space without extending the house. x

  3. Agata says:

    We wanted to make a loft conversion in our old house but as it ended up we would have to lift up the entire roof 🙁

  4. Oh great tips – I love the idea of a loft conversion when the boys are older!

  5. Deal Man says:

    This house interior design beautiful. The house look great.

  6. I’ve been considering a loft conversion recently as it would be great for the extra space

  7. Jess says:

    You make some great points here, there’s so much to think about isn’t there!?

  8. Anna nuttall says:

    My best friend from school had a loft conversation and she said it was awesome and felt like having a secret room in the house. Thank you for this handy tips xx

  9. Amy Hunt says:

    Definitely which side the sun rises would be a huge importance! It could create a very bright and beautiful room! 🙂

  10. MakeUp Fun says:

    Light is the most important thing in a house. Unfortunately the small attic I’m in is very dark but I couldn’t choose it, it’s my husband’s mother’s house.

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