Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Looking for a Valentine’s day gift for the man in your life? Then step this way. Today I bring you a variety of gifts that should suit all tastes and price points, so whether you are looking for something smart to wear, a pampering gift of luxury, or something sexy for a Valentine’s Day thrill, there is something to suit every man here.

A classic Shirt from Avail London

A stylish, classic white shirt is a great gift idea, whether it is a new piece for the office, or an option for wearing on a night out. Avail London have a range of high quality shirts that come in a muscle fit, perfect for a man who takes a pride in his body and appearance. These slim fit shirts have a muscle fit stretch and a cool modern feel. I love classic white, which looks great with dark denim, but if you are looking for a more romantic look for Valentine’s day, you could opt for a pink option.


White Short Sleeve Muscle Fit Shirt £34.99 Click to visit Avail London

Light Pink Muscle Fit Shirt £34.99 Click to visit Avail London

Dobell Crimson Red Dupion Tie
£6.99 Click to visit Avail London

A Scooter from Skates

Sometimes finding the right present for someone involves thinking outside the box. If your loved one is a bit of a fitness freak who is looking at ways to leave the car at home, then a foldable scooter could well be a great gift option. The JD Bug Classic Street 120 Scooter from Skates is a fab idea as it is lightweight, folds away so it can be stored easily and will fit into your boot, and can help you keep fit and active. Skates have a expansive range of scooters, skates and skateboards which could help you find a gift option to suit your loved one, and as they currently have a sale on, you might be able to find something at a bargain price.

Pampering Goods

Luxury pampering goods are so often focused on women, but Valentine’s day is the perfect time to pamper the man in your life too. If your other half does a heavy lifting job, or has pressures that make him struggle to unwind, Nelson’s Arnicare bath and massage balm could be a lovely gift, especially if you add an IOU for a massage too. The oil smells divine due to the scent of Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils , arnica is well known as a natural remedy for aches and pains, and, added to a bath, this can be a good way to relax as you wash away the stresses of the day.

Nelsons arnicare bath & massage balm costs £8.55 and is available from Boots and Amazon.

Another luxurious gift idea is linked to shaving. Many men are now ditching the shaving lotion and returning to the traditional way of shaving through the use of shaving soap. Hayes Garden World are a leading supplier of garden furniture and accessories, but they also stock a range of items which make lovely gift ideas for both men and women. In their current offering they have a host of products from Arran Aromatics including the Lochranza shave stone and soap. This is a shaving soap that combines cedar and vetiver, with patchouli, bay and anise. It comes in a stunning stone bowl, and you can buy replacement soaps, making this a wonderfully stylish addition to his man shelf in the bathroom.

Arran Aromatics Lochranza Shave Stone & Soap £25 Click to visit Hayes Garden World

Something for the bedroom

Valentine’s Day is all about lovers, so a saucy, sexy gift could raise a smile (and a whole lot more) when you present it to your lover and loved one on February 14th. G-Strings to No Strings: A Modern Kama Sutra by award-winning French designer Ionna Vautrin is a hoot and could be the perfect cheeky gift idea. A fun, quirky little illustrated book, this is an update of the classic Kama Sutra, filled with quirky illustrations and very funny and modern titles (Better Together is the nod to Brexit I’m guessing). The ideas are playful and suggestive drawings and with Catwoman, Darth Vader and Princess Leia featured, it will answer every erotic fantasy.

If Ionna Vautrin’s book has wetted the appetite (ahem!) then why not give this as a gift along with One mixed pleasure condoms? ONE Mixed Pleasures condoms offer a variety of flavours and textures, making sure that any intimate encounter is memorable while keeping you protected. Available from Superdrug for £9.99 for six, each condom has a different style, from glow in the dark, to super studs, to vanish – which is an hyperthin design.

I’m guessing that these are another gift where an IOU would be greatly appeciated, and anticipated, and could certainly make your Valentine’s night a whole lot of fun.

Gifts for a football lover

If you have a football lover for a partner, and are looking for something unique, then a gift from the Art of Football could be the answer. The Art of Football creates beautiful images of iconic players, and famous moments from football, and in turn uses them on t-shirts, sweatshirts and art prints. They cover a range of teams, from the Premier League and Championship, to National teams and International teams. The artwork features modern heroes, from Olivier Giroud and his scorpion kick, to Messi and Ronaldo, to players from days past like Pele and WBA hero Jeff Astle.

These are truly unique and stunning, and would be treasured by any football fan.

Sting In The Tail – Tee
£25.00 Click to visit Art of Football

They Think It’s All Over – Print or Canvas
£9.99 Click to visit Art of Football




Fabulous First Date Destinations

A few days ago I posted about finding love in 2018, making this the year you banished being single and made that ‘me time’ into ‘we time.’ I showed that with the rise of online dating sites, it wouldn’t matter if you were searching for ‘Jersey dating sites‘ or trying to find single men in Shetland, you would be able to find a match somewhere out there.

Next month brings Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect date for a first date. Think about it, what could be more romantic than a day actually dedicated to love and romance, hearts and flowers. So this post is dedicated to looking at some ideas for those first dates, whether you want something traditional, something cultural, or something a bit more raucous.

Here are a few ideas for great Valentine’s dates.

A trip to the oldest working cinema in the UK

If you have struck lucky on the Staffordshire dating sites, or are celebrating Valentine’s day with the love of your life, then a great date idea is a trip to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, the oldest working cinema in the UK. This is a fabulous place, it has sofa’s that have waiter service and are named after some of the greatest stars in Hollywood. The Electric often shows classic movies, my hubby and I once enjoyed The Birds there (both huge Hitchcock fans), as well as latest releases. Plus, if you are very much currently enjoying hot and heavy adult dating, you could book tickets for the latest installment in the Mr Grey trilogy, as Fifty Shades Freed is soon to be released.


Enjoy some history and culture

A date doesn’t have to mean meeting at night. Nor does it have to take place in a restaurant or bar. Art galleries, museums and castles can all be venues for your first date. They are places that encourage conversation and allow you to find out more about your new person – their hobbies, passions and interests. People interested in ‘dating Fife‘ could try a visit to the ruins of St Andrews castle, or a day trip to the world famous Rosslyn Chapel, made legendary by The Da Vinci Code.

Music Please!

Another idea for a Valentine’s date is to go to enjoy some live music. A concert takes the pressure off if you are a little shy as you can’t talk quite so much, but it can still be a really enjoyable experience. Glasgow Singles who find themselves with a match in February could enjoy the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Script, Morrisey or Paul Weller at the SSE. Surely something for every taste.

What is your idea of a great first date?



Delivery Made Easy With Shiply

It’s an age old problem. You see a piece of furniture that you love on eBay. It will be perfect for your home, and the price is just right too. But then you look at the listing and see the words that strike dread into your heart “collection only.” You have no way of collecting the item, no access to a van and truck that would help you, and so the item slips from your hands.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. With the rise of the selling of furniture on eBay, on Facebook selling pages, and through auction sites and house clearance sites, there is a real need for access to delivery services that can transport these bigger items. Shiply is currently answering these needs by offering a service which helps you to find a good courier in your local area to enable you to get that treasure.

Shiply is very easy to use. It labels itself as the ‘smarter way to move bulky or heavy items’ and it does this by putting you in touch with a range of delivery services. It currently has 102,334 rated transport providers and you can request a free quote from any one of them by using the Shiply simple form. Once you have made your requests you will get quotes from the companies, and you can then compare these to find the most suitable and competitive price. You can also read reviews from previous customers which may help you to make your decision.

Once you have found your delivery/courier company, your hard work is over. You can literally just sit back and wait for your item to be delivered. The companies have been rated and have also been through a range of rigorous checks and tests so you, and your goods, are in safe hands.

It is no longer the case that if you can’t have an item delivered by the seller or supplier then you can’t buy it. The service Shiply offers makes it easy to buy anything you want from anywhere you want, and that means the bargains will no longer be the one that got away.