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Hi welcome to the world of fashionmommy – a plus sized mom of 1. I used to be a deputy head teacher but escaped the world of education to be a fully time mommy to my little boy, now 19months. My real passions have always been fashion and style, I live and breath fashion – from Vogue magazine to sex and the city, from the devil wears prada to handbag.com. Shopping is my hobby, although with a young boy in tow I find internet shopping is now a godsend.

I want to share my ideas about style and fashion with the world, and hope to do this in an entertaining and informative way. I want to pass on hints and tips for bargainista’s, to talk about likes and dislikes (shoes being a major LOVE), and issues, particularly those that affect us all who are not the perfect size 10, or god forbid, size 0.

Enter my world to find out more.

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  6. Do you have a presence on twitter? I can’t seem to find fashion-mommy on there and I would like to connect with you there. I like your writing style, thanks Jermaine Hardy

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  8. Keira O'Mara says:

    Hi, I was wondering whether you might be interested in coming along to the NEC Baby Show as I have a style blogger (StyleBabyStyle) putting together key looks for new mums and how to accessorise their look with a Mamascarf. It’s Fri 20th May, 11am and 2pm stand M10. Hope to see you there!

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  11. lorraine bowkett says:

    hiya Emma,sorry I havent been in touch,Ive mislaid your card,e-mail me and we can arrange to meet if you still want to.I love your blog! Lx

  12. veronica says:

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  14. I have loved reading your blog, after it highlighted key trends from new York fashion week

    I also have a 19month old son and a four year old too and love your bio regarding your love of fashion despite not being the perfect 10

    I am still struggling to get back to my pre preg weight but adore fashion and as a result launched my business Mama Jewels 16 months ago.

    After quitting wearing Jewellery after so many broken necklaces I set about designing Jewellery for mums that children won’t break.

    The glamorous Jewellery line that I design have been designed to be baby proof against young children breaking them and can also be washed and sterilised. they are UKAS tested.

    We are very popular in the uk and Europe and would love to be introduced to the US

    I was just wondering if you may be able to help me and suggest how I may begin marketing in the USA.

    If would bs great to hear back from you.


    • Hi thanks for the comments. Not really sure about breaking America. Are youon Twitter – you can make good contacts on that site.
      Iwould love to feature your Jewellery on this site. I will email you and maybe you can send me a press release and some photos.
      Kind regards

  15. LP says:

    as a mom of one and fashion blogger I am sure your time is extremely limited. Any interest in contributing, however occasionally, to an online popculture magazine, I enjoy your birmingham-centric items. What do you think.

  16. Mike10613 says:


    You have a very interesting blog. You might like to look at mine, there are some interesting photos of Wednesbury and other places around here. I used some of Sandwell Valley in yesterday’s blog.

  17. scannermum says:

    Hello there! This is a lovely blog. I completely relate to your lifestyle change – with two small kids myself, I spend many an evening online looking through clothing sites! There’s nothing quite like trying new clothes on in a shop whilst your toddler points out your wobbly bits…

    I’d love to link you to my own blog, if that would be ok? I think we may have a similar readership, although I’ve only just started writing. If you could let me know, that would be great.

    Best Wishes,



  18. rebecca says:

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  19. Alina says:

    Hello Nice to see your blog.. I am passionate about Indian fashion

  20. Anne-Marie says:

    Love your blog. I have bookmarked it so that I will remember to visit it again.

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