Beautiful Jewellery From The Eternity Rose

The Eternity Rose is a company specialising in precious-metal-coated or glazed natural roses. Their flagship product is a stunning 24kt gold dipped natural rose, but as well as these most romantic of gifts, Eternity Rose also create some exquisitely beautiful pieces of jewellery that make a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or as a wedding anniversary gift, particularly for a special year, like a silver anniversary. Their website has some great and long lasting gift ideas,which are well worth checking out if you are looking for a gift for a wife or girlfriend.

The Eternity Rose pendents are both beautiful and unusual. They use real miniature rose petals and are edged with 24kt gold which makes them very striking  and eye catching. The rose is adorned by two pretty leaves that have synthetic diamonds to add to the sparkle of the pendent. The pendent is on a matching 24 karat gold multi-link chain, and is presented in a lovely velvet pouch which can then also be used to store your necklace safely.

I absolutely love my Eternity Rose pendent. The actual rose is exquisite, beautifully detailed and quite substantial in its weight, which makes it sit nicely. The chain is good quality, similar to a rope chain, but more delicate, which definitely suits the delicacy of the rose. You could easily use the pendent on a longer chain if you wanted to change the look of the necklace, this would still work and look great, particularly if you wanted to wear this with jeans and a t-shirt for a daytime look. The necklace costs £51, which is, quite frankly, a steal for something that is so unique and unusual.

Eternity Rose jewellery gives you a little bit of quality to add to your jewellery box. Each necklace comes with a lifetime guarantee and an authenticity certificate. When you add in the detail that each pendent is a unique gift that it takes around three months to produce, you have something that is truly special.

Inspirational Women – Helen Mirren

Who is an inspiration to you? Is there a women who makes you want to high five and say yes everytime she appears, speaks, does something? have been looking at all the inspirational women there are, and how we like to say thank you to them, they have produced a lovely e book on the topic, and have been sharing the inspirational women on social media using the hashtag #InspiredBy.  They asked me if I would write about a woman who inspires me.

Now, I have a family full of inspirational women. My mom, sister and sister-in-law are all big inspirations on my life and how I live it, and I have friends, and people I have met through blogging who also serve to inspire. But I thought I would make this post about a girl (woman) crush who inspires through her style, her talent, and, to be quite frank, her ballsiness, being a leading lady at a time when most of her contemporaries seem to have faded into the background. I am talking about the astounding Helen Mirren, who continues to shine as a movie queen despite being well into her seventh decade, and always look radiant and interesting, often outshining men and women a fraction of her age.

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Helen has always been beautiful and sexy, and that remains, even through she is now into her seventies. But her beauty is the natural kind, she embraces her wrinkles and laughter lines as a part of her, and plastic surgery is not on the agenda. In a similar way her style is impeccable, fashion forward yet age appropriate -she doesn’t have to try too hard, she is effortless. I would like to say I would like to be like her when I’m older, but hell, I’d like to have an inch of her style and charisma now.

helen-mirren.jpg (1827×2964)

Helen is not afraid to age for a role (i.e playing The Queen who is a good twenty plus years older than her), and she bucks the trend of older leading men, younger leading ladies by playing opposite male co-stars quite a bit younger than herself…and basically stealing the movie in most cases. Helen shows that life can begin at 40, but doesn’t have to end when you pick up your pension, that you don’t have to resort to a blue rinse the minute you collect your bus pass, and I think that alone makes her an inspiration.

helen_mirren-hot_body-figure-workout_excercise_regime-blue_dress-250914.jpg (1743×2670)

Shirley Valentine – A Jodie Prenger Masterclass

Jodie Prenger proved, once again, what an amazing talent she is as she brought Willy Russell’s 1980s heroine Shirley Valentine to life at the New Alex Theatre last night in a one women tour de force.

Leaving a note on a post-it on the fridge, explaining that she had ‘gone to Greece, be back in two weeks’, Shirley Valentine has proved to be one of Willy Russell’s most enduring and beloved characters. Shirley is a bored surbuban housewife who feels that life, and all it has to offer, has passed her by at the age of 42. Her kids are grown up, and she has grown apart from her husband Joe. She dreams of a time when she might have some excitement, or at least something different in her life. A ticket for a two week holiday in Greece might just bring the excitement that she needs, but will she really be able to return to her mundane life once she has had a taste of something different?

This is Shirley’s story told in a series of monologues, first in her kitchen where she is tied to the cooker and the kitchen sink and talks to the wall, and then from the beach of her Greek island escape. Jodie Prenger brings Shirley vividly and brilliantly to life as she tells those stories. She commands the stage with her sheer presence and force of personality, by turns hilarious, and by others poignant, and with a faultless Scouse accent. Prenger makes Shirley so real, funny, sympathetic and brave. As she tells those stories of Bryan and Malandra, and her husband Joe, you really root for her to go out and enjoy herself.

Even though Shirley Valentine is now over 30 years old, it still resonates – there are still plenty of Shirley’s out there, and that is why the ending is so heartwarming. You don’t really know what Shirley’s next step will be, but we do know that the downtrodden housewife has disappeared for good, and that is a brilliant thing.


Shirley Valentine

New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham

Until March 11th