Adding Metallic Elements To A Room

Even though it remains true that neutral colours are the most popular choice when it comes to decorating our homes, more and more people are now looking to more interesting choices. Amongst these, metallic colours – silver, gold, bronze and rose gold, are growing in popularity, particularly when it comes to home accessories. For metallics, the truth for our home echoes the truth for our wardrobes, and whilst we may not want a gold sofa any more than we would be brave enough to wear a gold dress, an accent of metallic – a cushion, a vase or a mirror, could be a beautiful addition to any room.

Here are a few ideas for how to add metallic elements to your room.

Silver Wallpaper

Using a beautiful silver wallpaper for a feature wall is a great way to add style and interest to a living room, or could look wonderful all over a bedroom. Silver wallpaper does not mean foil effects that make you feel like you are traveling in a rocket or some sort of nuclear bunker, rather it can be a cool, beautiful, soft look that has a relaxing effect. I love the Arthouse Bosco Silver Leaf Trail Glitter Wallpaper which has a beautiful fern style effect running through the paper, the perfect way to add a metallic touch to your home.

Metallic Cushions

Metallic cushion designs have become very popular lately, particularly arranged on a bed.  In the 1970s, Biba brought out a range of homewares that were totally Art Deco inspired and often featured gold as a key colour, fast forward to the present day and Biba, now available at House of Fraser, is once again showing how wonderful gold can look in the home. Other companies have also embraced an Art Deco aesthetic, look at this fabulous cushion from JD Williams which could’ve come straight from the set of The Great Gatsby.

A metallic throw

Whether you are covering a sofa or a bed, a metallic throw is a real stylish option that could be a practical way to add shine to a room. Rose Gold is just such a pretty shade with its pinkish tones, and I think this Stylish faux rose gold foil triangles pattern fleece blanket could be a really pretty accessory for any room.

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little sparkle to your room but worried it would be too ostentatious, I hope the ideas above make you have a rethink.

Building your own dream home

Whether you are trying to get onto the property ladder for the first time, or are looking to move to a bigger home as your family expands, or even thinking of downsizing as the children grow up and move out, we all have a dream house in our heads. The difference is that, these days, many people make their dream home a reality. This can be in building a home from scratch, or renovating a property, often one that was not always a habitable dwelling.

There are things to consider if you go down the creating or renovating route. You need to find that perfect plot or building, you need to make sure you have a budget that is both manageable and will be enough – you will need to have contingency plans too. You will also need strong construction and building insurance that can also deal with things like structural defects, a company like CRL can address these sorts of needs and also other issues that might arise. You may also need to address issues related to listed buildings. If you take on a building with some sort of heritage preservation order there will be additional costs, rules and building regulations to follow.

But it is so worth the effort. Programmes like ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘The Restoration Man’ show just how incredible a renovation can be, a real dream home that can be unique, beautiful and majestic.

Here are a few dream homes that I have fell in love with.

Martello Tower

Martello Towers were created as lookout points during the Napoleonic Wars and are now highly sort after properties that are ripe for renovation. They look huge and imposing, but are often based close to the coast, and make the most unusual home.

A lighthouse

Decommisioned lighthouses are becoming another much sought after property when it comes to renovations. Again the proximity to the coast, plus the design that is already iconic, make lighthouses an interesting take on a family home. Done well, and the renovation can produce a home that is a glorious space, like the one shown below.

Art Deco House Design

My personal favourite design of house is the iconic, distinctive Art Deco designs. These are often white, with curved walls and a flat roof. The roof can often be a problem, many are prone to leaks due to the inadequate drainage, but if you can invest time and a little money in restoring the period features, you can create an incredible space.

A bathroom makeover with Ocean Loans

A few months ago disaster struck my bathroom. My son had dropped a sponge down the side of the bath. In retrieving it, the hubby found that the floor was absolutely soaking wet, and from this we discovered that a pipe, long hidden behind a wall, had been slowly leaking and had managed to get under tiles, the floorboards and the plaster, causing irreversible damage. Our bathroom, to put it bluntly, was ruined and needed to be completely gutted. It is an understatement to say that the bathroom wasn’t the only thing that was gutted, I was pretty heartbroken.


The damage to the walls.

The damage to the floor

The damage to the floor

We claimed on our insurance for the floor and the walls, but there were many things we couldn’t claim for that were also damaged during the renovation. Shelving units and individual shelves had been attached to the walls for years and the screws wouldn’t budge, which meant new shelves were needed. There were also items that were just tired and suffering from wear and tear – the toilet roll holder and toilet brush and seat. Luckily, companies like Ocean Loans are able to help with personal loans that can make home improvements easier, even if you are limited to a small budget.


We managed to create a lovely mirrored area in place of our old bathroom cabinet, using an Art Deco style mirror picked up from Amazon. Also from Amazon, we found a great toilet roll holder and some ornate glass shelves for displaying my favourite L’Occitaine bottles. Victoria Plum was the destination for corner shelves – we opted for minimalist single shelves in place of the previous shelving units.





The bathroom suite isn’t new, but we did change the toilet seat which did update the loo, and the most amazing bargain was a new toilet brush and holder that was the perfect match to the new tiles, and cost just £2.60 from the Newlife Charity marketplace.


I was horrified at the thought of having to change my bathroom, but now I love my new space, and with the additional pieces costing just £100, I think this is proof that home improvements can be effective even when they are done on a budget.