Grab Yourself A Selfie Bag This Summer

The selfie, it is a modern phenomenon. In the age of the smart phone and instagram, it seems that everyone, from Joe Blogs on the street to the world’s biggest megastars, are all obsessed with selfies. We take selfies of ourselves (natch), posing with our mates, and if we bump into someone famous, the obvious thing to do is grab a selfie with them. Yesterday (21st June) was even deigned to be ‘National Selfie Day’. So, if ever a time was ripe for a Selfie Bag to be produced, it is now, and that is exactly what the CottonBagCo have done.

The CottonBagCo have designed their very first selfie bag, and in comes in two gorgeous designs. The bag is a hardwearing oversized canvas tote, with strong handles that make it ideal to use as a beach bag, or as a strong shopper. It comes in a white printed version, but I am more drawn to the Art Deco style print of the black version, which has been giving me strong Biba vibes.

DANWPV5UAAQ_HgA.jpg (1200×1200)

The Selfie Bag – Black £9.99 Click to visit The Cotton Bag Co

So, what makes a Selfie bag into a selfie bag? Well, first it has a safe, security zip pocket that is the perfect place to store your phone – no more searching around the bottom of your bag frantically trying to find it. So far, so what. But it also has a much longer, deeper pocket where you can also store your selfie stick safely, definitely the first time I have ever seen a bag containing this sort of pocket. There is also a reflective sheet which is great to use as a backdrop if you are trying to create the perfect selfie.

The Selfie bag is a wonderful idea with a really gorgeous design. This will be a great buy for multiple usage this Summer.

A touch of Westwood from OD’s Designer Clothing

OD’s Designer Clothing is a one stop shop for all those with a love of designer labels. Stocking a range of clothing, fashion and accessories for men, women and children, OD’s is a place to look if you love Vivienne Westwood, Hugo Boss, Olivia Burton, Moschino, Raymond Weill, Thomas Sabo…the list is, quite literally, endless, and is just full of quality items, whether you are treating yourself, or looking for a gift for a loved one. (Father’s Day anyone?)

OD’s has a great range of bags from my favourite designer, Vivienne Westwood, and the WV Westwood Bag may well be the perfect versatile bag for any event this summer. A sleek black leather design in the classic Messanger style, this cross body bag would be so useful and practical whether you need your hands free on the school run, want to party away at a summer festival, need something classic and elegant for a summer wedding, or just want to be able to hold more carrier bags on a shopping trip.

The bag is surprisingly roomy, with an internal security pocket with a zip, all lined in gorgeous Westwood orb print fabric. I found I could easily get a small purse, keys, phone, lipstick, tissues and an eye liner in the bag and still have a little room. The zip fastening on the top is another security plus, and it also looks great with the orb engraved for that extra luxurious look.

The bag is such a classic design. It is plain except for the enamel orb on the front, which makes it a bag that can be matched with so many outfits. The long strap could be worn over the shoulder, or cross body style which not only looks cool, but means your belongings are always in front of you.

This bag is so versatile

For Sunday Lunch

For a shopping event at Topshop

A shopping Trip teamed with a Vintage Skirt

A trip to Wales

I love that when you place an order with OD’s Designer Clothing, you get a beautifully gift wrapped package in a stylish gift style bag. Vivienne Westwood bags also have the dust bag that makes them extra special, and wonderful to give or receive as a gift.

The WV Westwood Bag costs £105 and you can find it here.

Currently Loving: Vintage Luggage

Vintage luggage is my current obsession. I love the idea of using a piece of luggage whilst you are traveling and making new adventures, and knowing that, once upon a time, someone else may have done exactly the same. Who knows what adventures your luggage may have had, what sights it might have seen, which airports it might have traveled through. The whole idea of vintage suitcases and vanity cases are that they bring a touch of romance to your travels.

The great news is that it is relatively easy, and fairly cheap to pick up vintage luggage. Junk and antique shops, vintage fairs, and even charity shops seem to have these on a fairly regular basis. You need to look carefully for damage – often the linings may not be in such good condition, and you need to look carefully at the fastenings to ensure that the case actually does fasten and is secure. (Don’t wait until your smalls are all over the carousel before deciding that, actually, the fasteners are not as secure as maybe they need to be.) But other signs of wear and tear are part of the charm, a sign your suitcase has been on some adventures. I spotted some amazing suitcases on a recent trip to Wales at a great store called Pieces for Places and was lucky that the hubby treated me to the blue one as an Easter gift. It now takes pride of place on top of my wardrobe – you don’t necessarily need to use your case to travel, it could be for decoration or storage in the home.

I just love to travel with vintage luggage – anyone else? #vintagefashion #vintage #retro #travel #fsbloggers

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If you love vintage luggage but don’t like the idea of using something that is second hand, the good news is that you can find great design which gives more than a nod to vintage ideas and style. Betty Hemmings Leather Luggage is a great example of beautiful pieces that evoke the golden age of travel but are totally modern and new. These are not nylon style zip suitcases, or those ultra lightweight designs, but traditional style suitcases and vanity cases with leather corners and straps as well as combination locks. This is luggage that looks like it could tell a story or two, and would be perfect to get you that upgrade at the airport.

When it comes to luggage, what style do you prefer?