4 Reasons why using pure whey protein can enhance your workout

For so many years, whey protein has been used as a dietary supplement. Sportsmen and bodybuilders alike use this with their exercising and muscle-building activities. It has become one of the most interesting products to consumers when it comes to health supplements because of its benefits. As we all know, protein is needed for our muscles to get repaired from being worn out from intense exercise. When our muscles are stressed due to strenuous activities, our muscles can actually break down. This is why if we engage in such activities, we need as much protein in our body.

While having a full lean protein diet, fiber-rich, and vitamin-rich diet is giving your body what it needs, it has been proven that whey protein is easier and faster to absorb than the protein found in foods. It is a great alternative for having access to protein if you are unable to eat certain types of food.

Here are four reasons why you need to start using whey protein to enhance your workout.


  1. It promotes muscle growth.

As we age, our muscle mass naturally declines and could result in weight gain. It also heightens the chances of getting chronic diseases. And when your body is lacking in protein diet, it would be pretty much harder to go back up. This is why it is good to take in health supplements such as Immunopro for this. Immunopro is pure whey protein that is rich in leucine, which is highly effective in the prevention of muscle loss. It can also improve one’s strength and physical look.

  1. It helps reduce hunger as it is highly satiating.

When we have goals for losing weight, one of the most challenging things we avoid is eating too much food. When you feel hungry all the time, you will have the tendency to eat as much. However, taking whey protein will make you feel full. It can successfully suppress your cravings for any food, which will eventually end your desire to always eat.


  1. It improves immunity.


One of the things that can cause any health-related issues in your immune system is the decrease of glutathione levels. This happens when you are always on stressful activities. And when there is a glutathione deficiency, you will have a reduced ability to detoxify and could lead to a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to your body. However, it has been discovered that by supplementing your body with whey protein, you will have a lesser reduction of glutathione levels in your body.


  1. It provides great benefits in your general wellness.

Whey protein does not end on providing health benefits for bodybuilding, an increase of muscles, and reduction of fat. It is capable of providing more than that. In today’s age, new technology is springing up and research on whey protein is still ongoing. Right now, based on the uncovered discoveries so far, there are a lot of health benefits that all of us can take advantage of, especially that as we age, our body’s natural processes start to slow down.

Olivier Giroud is the face (and beard) of Beardilizer

He is one of the hottest men in the world, and his beard has become an iconic sight on football pitches around the land, so it is no surprise that when beard care brand Beardilizer was looking for a new brand ambassador, they turned to Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud.

Olivier has signed a one year contract to the be the face of the brand ,which is the number one facial vitamin complex which helps you to grow a thicker, healthier beard. Olivier is  fronting their global marketing campaign, and starring in ads, catalogues and a new YouTube video that you can watch below. He is the perfect choice as his beard is never less than groomed and perfect looking, even after running around on a football pitch and scoring the winning goal.

Olivier is a big fan of the series ‘The Vikings’ and this is where he has taken a lot of beard styling inspiration from. He says of the contract with Beardlilizer:-

“I have been using Beardilizer products for quite some time now, and this proposal to become the brand ambassador came quite naturally. I look forward to seeing the new products.”

Roy Halfon, chief executive of Phytobiol France who own the brand, says of Giroud’s appointment: “At the beginning of this project, we wanted to be accompanied by a renowned ambassador both in France and abroad, who perfectly embodies the image of the modern man, elegant and neat. Olivier Giroud is this image. He knows how to reconcile his sporting performance with his own elegance. He is a footballer who stands out on and off the pitch. We are proud that he represents the Beardilizer brand.”

Well, I certainly know what to put at the top of my hubby’s Christmas list now, because Olivier is looking mighty fine in the ad campaign.

To visit the Beardilizer UK online store, click here.

3 Benefits To Using A Posture Brace And Posture Trainer

We are blessed to live in a world that is full of modern technology. However, some of these inventions such as smartphones and computers do have their fair share of disadvantages. For instance, when we work on our computers round the clock, we often tend to slouch. Slouching, in turn, plays a detrimental role in aggravating back pain because of the poor posture. In a nutshell, when your head slouches for an inch, you put 10 pounds of stress on the spine. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have a correct posture while working.

In addition to causing back pain, incorrect posture can also lead to digestion complications, shoulder aches, neck aches, and terrible weakness in the legs and arms. Fortunately, we have posture braces and posture trainers to help us correct our posture to prevent complications. Here are 3 benefits to using a posture brace and posture trainer. For information on the differences between a posture brace and a posture trainer, do consider visiting the site, posturecorrectorbrace.com.

  1. Helps in the healing process

It is common for patients to wear a posture brace immediately after a surgery; that´s because a posture brace aids in the stabilization of the spine. After a surgery, there may be a need for parts of the spine to be immobilized for a certain period. A posture brace plays an instrumental role in decreasing the amount of motion exerted from the damaged structures, thereby, allowing the injury to heal properly. Basically, a posture brace can be used to limit motions from the body parts that require healing. Hence, the posture brace controls the pain by compressing the abdomen, ensuring that the vertebrae or the spine don´t bear stress,

  1. Helps you breathe properly

When your back isn’t straight and aligned properly, you can face complications with your breathing. If you want to improve your breathing, you must consider using a posture brace. That´s because it helps correct the posture of your back, which ultimately helps to clear up and straighten your airways, thereby, improving your breathing. And, when you breathe better, the body can then distribute and deliver oxygen throughout the body, allowing your nervous system and organs to function at an optimum level.

  1. Posture Brace and Posture Trainer provides support to the posture

A posture brace is specifically created to aid in postural support. As we mentioned earlier, it is imperative for one to have a correct postural alignment to prevent back pain and other complications. Luckily, a posture brace can be effectively used to correct the postural alignment, in turn, preventing one from putting strain and stress on the spine. Basically, when you slouch, sit or stand incorrectly, you exert force and pressure on the spine and the surrounding muscles. And, according to reliable reports, when your head slouches for an inch, you put 10 pounds of stress on the spine.