Find Out About Coolsculpting

It is one of those age old problems, you gain weight so you decide to embark on a diet of healthy eating and to start some exercise, maybe you even go as far as to join a gym. And it works! You lose the weight and feel so much better. But, hold on, that is only half the story. You lose the weight but not always in the areas you want to, and so are still stuck with back fat, or bra fat, or that double chin that you really hoped would disappear.

Some Fat Cells just don’t seem to want to budge, no matter how successful our diet or exercise regime is. This can be very frustrating, especially when you have been trying so hard. But there is now a non surgical procedure offered by the Pulse Light Clinic that can quite literally freeze your excess fat away. This is Coolsculpting.

The Pulse Light Clinic is based in London and is offering coolsculpting as a way to get rid of those tricky fat cells once and for all. It describes coolsculpting as:-

an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away.

Coolsculpting is a non surgical treatment that requires no needles and has no downtime. It is perfect for the areas of the body already mentioned, and also the thighs and tummy. The video below shows just how the procedure works. A session lasts for one hour. It is not painful and you can relax while it is taking place.

If you are interested in finding out more about Coolsculpting, you can currently request a free consultation on their website. There are also finance options available.

Pulse Light Clinic

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Beauty Ideas for November

As we enter November, and get ever closer to the festive season, it is time to get ourselves ready for all those parties, events and excuses for dressing up that Christmas brings. Hair, skin, nails and teeth, we want them all to look their best, matching the sparkling new dresses and shoes that we are sure to be buying. Fortunately, there is still time yet to get looking your best, and lots of beauty treatments and services that can give nature a helping hand.


A sparkling smile is often the most attractive feature of any man and woman, and smiling in general speaks wonders of an engaging personality. There are lots of ways to help your smile, from whitening toothpaste and the popular charcoal treatments. If you feel you need to look a deeper into treatments that are not temporary, quick fixes, then cosmetic dentistry, of the type offered by the Whitby Dentist,is no longer so expensive that it is just confined to Hollywood stars and the super rich. If your confidence is suffering because you hate your smile, this could be a worthwhile investment in you.

Blow Ltd

Blow Ltd is a new service in Birmingham that has been called the Uber of the beauty world. For people living in and around the city, you can know enjoy treatments like manicures, pedicures and blow dries in the comfort of your own home. Perfect if you are preparing for a big night out, perfect also if you have mobility issues, perfect if you just want to be pampered, whilst still wearing your pyjamas and slippers. Blow Ltd works through an app and is basically brilliant.


If you are looking to get your skin Christmas perfect, it may be worth taking a look at your current regime and trying some new products. Christmas is a great time to indulge in some new brands, as stores like Boots, and brands like Kiehls launch some gift sets that contain full sizes at discount prices, or launch limited editions that are highly sort after. One of my current faves is the Kiehls Christmas hand cream set that is such a good buy at less than £20, and is a fabulous idea for anyone who suffers from dry, chaffed skin on their hands during the colder months.


4 Reasons why using pure whey protein can enhance your workout

For so many years, whey protein has been used as a dietary supplement. Sportsmen and bodybuilders alike use this with their exercising and muscle-building activities. It has become one of the most interesting products to consumers when it comes to health supplements because of its benefits. As we all know, protein is needed for our muscles to get repaired from being worn out from intense exercise. When our muscles are stressed due to strenuous activities, our muscles can actually break down. This is why if we engage in such activities, we need as much protein in our body.

While having a full lean protein diet, fiber-rich, and vitamin-rich diet is giving your body what it needs, it has been proven that whey protein is easier and faster to absorb than the protein found in foods. It is a great alternative for having access to protein if you are unable to eat certain types of food.

Here are four reasons why you need to start using whey protein to enhance your workout.


  1. It promotes muscle growth.

As we age, our muscle mass naturally declines and could result in weight gain. It also heightens the chances of getting chronic diseases. And when your body is lacking in protein diet, it would be pretty much harder to go back up. This is why it is good to take in health supplements such as Immunopro for this. Immunopro is pure whey protein that is rich in leucine, which is highly effective in the prevention of muscle loss. It can also improve one’s strength and physical look.

  1. It helps reduce hunger as it is highly satiating.

When we have goals for losing weight, one of the most challenging things we avoid is eating too much food. When you feel hungry all the time, you will have the tendency to eat as much. However, taking whey protein will make you feel full. It can successfully suppress your cravings for any food, which will eventually end your desire to always eat.


  1. It improves immunity.


One of the things that can cause any health-related issues in your immune system is the decrease of glutathione levels. This happens when you are always on stressful activities. And when there is a glutathione deficiency, you will have a reduced ability to detoxify and could lead to a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to your body. However, it has been discovered that by supplementing your body with whey protein, you will have a lesser reduction of glutathione levels in your body.


  1. It provides great benefits in your general wellness.

Whey protein does not end on providing health benefits for bodybuilding, an increase of muscles, and reduction of fat. It is capable of providing more than that. In today’s age, new technology is springing up and research on whey protein is still ongoing. Right now, based on the uncovered discoveries so far, there are a lot of health benefits that all of us can take advantage of, especially that as we age, our body’s natural processes start to slow down.