4 Budget friendly creative kids party activities that you can hire

Do you still remember how you celebrated your parties when you were younger? You might have a vague recollection of simple home parties with a cake, some balloons and your friends wishing you a happy birthday. Nowadays, parties are getting more elaborate and extravagant, but the truth is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your kid’s party fun and enjoyable.

You can make it more creative by starting some do-it-yourself projects to make it more personalized. Create a color motif so that you won’t have such a hard time looking for materials that you will need to use. You can just buy paint and other materials that you will need to design. Don’t hesitate to ask your child’s opinion on what he or she would like to see in the party unless of course, you are planning to surprise them.

If you are not sure about the type of activity the children can do, you can actually hire some equipment and whatnot. You might think that it might be expensive, but they are actually affordable. Plus, you won’t be so stressed as they will be the one to set up and clean up for you and you just need to concentrate on the other aspects of the party and make sure your kid enjoys the day.

Check out some of the activities you can hire for your child’s below.

  1. Craft time – is your child the creative type? Then he or she might enjoy having a fun creative activity for his or her birthday. You can ask for your child’s input on what kind of activity is a good idea. Some examples could be painting, or making their own bag. Older ones can create jewelry and other more complicated projects. Do your research and you’ll find a lot of these types of activities have become popular for parties lately.
  2. Magic show – give your child and the other kids attending a sense of wonder and fantasy by hiring a magician to do a show for them! They will for sure enjoy seeing wondrous things happen before their eyes, and they’ll never tire of trying to figure out just how the “magic” happened.
  3. Jumping castle – kids are naturally active. If your child and guests are at that age when they can’t sit still, then you might not want to hire an activity where they would have to be seated most of the time. Instead, why not hire a jumping castle for them to enjoy? Given the size of one castle, you might think that it will cost you a lot of money. Don’t be afraid, check out this cheap jumping castle hire and you’ll find that you can have the kids enjoy this activity without having to shell out a big amount.
  4. Kiddie rides – you can also hire those small kiddie rides for parties that will hold a lot of toddlers. You can get a lot of designs such as cars or cute animals that young kids will truly appreciate.

Whatever activity you choose for the party, just keep in mind what your child’s personality and interests are. If you consider that, then your child will truly have a party that he or she will remember for years to come.

How to transform your child’s room into a princess paradise

Every princess needs a palace, but sometimes they have to just settle for a bedroom. But if your child does have a princess complex, is obsessed with all things Disney, and will frankly wear any shade as long as it is pink, then you might just need to turn that staid bedroom into something resembling a princess paradise. This can be done with a few choice accessories, some savvy furniture ideas and a little bit of imagination.


The Bed

A white bedstead works well for a princess bedroom, especially if you are able to use your DIY skills to erect some sort of canopy above the bed that could be topped with a crown or tiara. If (like me as a child) you have two princesses who have to share a room, the good news is that many online companies have a great selection of children’s bunk beds that offer more than just practical design. With white frames, carved headboards and pretty shaped spindles, these beds show that bunk beds do not have to scrimp on the pretty!

A little DIY

The furniture you already have can be revitalised with a touch of paint and some clever stencils. Painting a wardrobe white, and then adding a magic mirror stencil could be a really lovely and special touch, whilst stencils can also be used to create a feature wall, or a princess style border. The great thing is that stencils can be really easy to apply, and they don’t break the bank either.


Colour Schemes

Pink is obviously the first colour that comes to mind when it comes to creating an environment fit for a princess, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. The smash hit film ‘Frozen’ showed that not all princesses wear Pink, making a glamorous icy shade of blue a great choice for an slightly older princess. Belle style yellow can also make a wonderfully sunny run, great for princesses who already have minds of their own.


This is where you can really enjoy yourself and let your inner interior designer take over. A  chandelier is the perfect shimmering form of light for a princess bedroom, and makes a perfect statement piece to add to any room. Soft and fluffy cushions, mixed with a few jewelled and sequined ones look lovely scattered on a bed. Anything that screams opulence works well, with velvet being another great fabric to tie in with your design. You can still pick up 1970s style velour bedroom chairs quite cheaply in antique and junk shops and these look great in a princess bedroom. The great news is that, once again, many of the accessories that will work well can be picked up quite cheaply in places like Primark and Wilkinsons. You could also add a few of the ubicquitous Unicorn accessories that seem to be everywhere this Autumn.

With a little bit of work, a small injection of cash and a whole lot of imagination, you can create a room that your princess will be proud to call a Kingdom.


Visiting Harlech Castle

If you are looking for somewhere to visit this half term, you could pay a visit to the magnificent Harlech Castle. The huge fortification is one of Edward the 1st’s Welsh giants that were designed to keep Wales enclosed under English rule, and is the subject of the famous Welsh Song ‘Men or Harlech’, which talks of a siege during the Wars of the Roses. Harlech is a fabulous place to visit and relive history, a formidable Welsh giant that has history pouring through every brick.

Harlech Castle has been a Welsh heritage site since 1986, but it was once much more difficult to access if you had mobility issues or a pushchair. I remember visiting Harlech in 2011 and couldn’t take Joe into the castle as the only access was steps. But the creation and opening of a new visitor centre, and an adjoining floating bridge means it is now accessible for all. The visitors centre has a rather lovely gift shop and cafe, with a terrace with stunning views across Snowdonia, and there is also a room where you can watch a film setting the scene for Harlech’s place in history.

The floating bridge

The visitors centre

Inside the castle there is evidence of the battering it has taken over the years, with a large number of cannonballs left in situ. Much of the castle is a now a ruin, left open to the elements, but this is what makes it fascinating for children and adults alike, as they can run and climb the battlements, looking out at the views that have captivated and terrified people throughout history.

Inside the towers of the gatehouse there are reconstructions and models showing how Harlech would’ve looked int he past, and telling of its history in both English and Welsh.


Outside the Castle grounds there is a lovely wooden playground that is safe and enclosed with a gate, the perfect place for little ones to enjoy an ice cream, with benches for adults to sit and enjoy the sea air and the wonderful views.


This October you can enjoy Civil War reenactments at Harlech Castle.

28 Oct – 29 Oct 2017

11am – 4pm

Adult – £6.50
Family – £19.30 *
Senior citizens, students and children under 16 – £4.20
Member – Am ddim / free
Disabled and companion – Am ddim / free
*Admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16

Click here for more information.