Headz Up Business Fashion Catwalk

Last Friday I was a guest at the Headz Up Business Women in Business Expo, held in Birmingham’s beautiful Council House. Part of the Expo was taken up with the Fashion Business Catwalk, which meant I got to sit front row and enjoy some fabulous fashion. The event was organised by Pushpa Alexander, the inspirational whirlwind behind Headz Up Business, who organise networking events, conferences and Expo’s for women in business, focusing on digital and social media technology, and allowing women to network with similar professionals in a host of different settings.

With Dave aka Mr Brum Hour.

The Women in Business Expo was a great success, with the centrepiece being the Fashion Catwalk.  This runway show was managed by former Mr Birmingham Joshua Williams, who is also the brains behind the Elite Fashion Show. The show showcased some local designers, from Jewellery Quarter based Dolls of Decadence, new Birmingham label Vaughan, Elvira Lee Couture, heavily influenced by 1970s glamour, El Monet, which is both designed and manufactured in the second city, and Kiss Me Kate, the destination for beautiful evening wear in Birmingham.

In addition to the designers and their stunning collections, the catwalk stage also hosted talks from Ruth May, an up and coming jewellery designer, Sally Klein, an inspirational lifestyle coach, and West Midlands Police, who were there to talk about Cyber safety in the modern age. All the guest speakers also hosted their own stalls so you could talk to them in more detail if you wished.

The Women in Business Expo was the most enjoyable of events, a way to make some valuable contacts whilst having a coffee, browsing the exhibitors and taking in some fabulous new fashion. It also raised funds for a brilliant local charity ‘Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer’ and it was wonderful to hear Veronica Kumeta from the charity speaking so passionately about her vision for helping cancer sufferers and survivors in Birmingham.

Fashion Catwalk at the Women in Business Expo

Dolls of Decadence


Elvira Lee Couture

El Monet

Kiss Me Kate

Stylish Succes – What Does A Fashion Stylist Need To Know To Succeed?

the-devil-wears-prada.jpg (670×445)

The job of being a stylist is now, more than ever, one of the most popular popular emerging professions in the wide world of fashion. A fashion stylist is someone who selects clothing and accessories for published editorial features, television, print advertising campaigns, music videos, fashion shoots and any other public appearances made by models, public figures and celebrities.

This is truly a job that is not for the faint hearted!

Are you someone who is looking to start a career in fashion, or are you someone who is already a fashion stylist but are looking for ways in which you can further propel career? If so, then this is the article for you. Read on to find out more about what a fashion stylist needs to know to succeed in the industry!

Style Sense

 1. Stylish Success – What Does a Fashion Stylist Need to Know to Succeed?

If you are going to be a fashion stylist, you most definitely need to look the part.

No one is going to trust a fashion stylist who is decked out in sweatpants every other day of the week. This is where style sense comes into play. A good start when it comes to keeping in the loop with all things fashion related is to enrol yourself in the number of certified fashion stylist courses that are available in the market.

Through courses, you will be able to brush up on what is in trend, what is going to be in trend, and you may also learn a thing or two about how to dress yourself in order to impress your potential clients. Looking the part is key, so a career in fashion stylist starts with you!

2. Communication Skills Are Key

You may think that in the world of fashion, all you need to focus on is clothing, accessories, trends and so on. Whilst this is true, you will also need to focus some energy into developing your communication skills. During a photoshoot, it is crucial that a stylist is able to communicate with photographers, art directors and any other member of staff to capture the right style for a product.

Good communication skills are absolutely key in making this happen.

A fashion stylist also needs to have the ability to communicate their vision to a client in a way that is both easily understandable and acceptable, so developing communication skills is truly essential.

3. Networking And Attending Events

A large part of being successful in the industry is getting your name out there.

What better way to do this than by attending events, rocking up at fashion shows or even enrolling yourself in a fashion related seminar? Not only will you be opening your eyes up to different ideas, but you will also have the chance to meet new people in the industry and start growing your network. Other ways of networking would be to connect with like-minds on platforms such as LinkedIn. You never know, your next project just may come knocking at your door through someone you have recently met!

Stylish Success – What Does a Fashion Stylist Need to Know to Succeed?

4. Pay Your Dues

Almost every single successful fashion stylist have interned for other stylists in the past.

This is the circle of life in the fashion world. Most internships come without pay, but the knowledge and skills you acquire are priceless. Through your internships, you will be able to pave your way towards a paid job with the help of the references you acquire from your employers. This is why it pays to ensure that everything you do is with 110% of your effort.

5. Figure Out Your Specialty

There are so many different categories of fashion styling.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to try them all. However, most of the time, people have a specific area of interest that they would like to focus on. Whether you want to be a celebrity stylist, editorial stylist or a personal fashion stylist to the everyday shopper, find out what kind of work really speaks to you and then go ahead and pursue that to the best of your ability.


f918eedaf2dfb848dbbf7615bfbc6478.jpg (550×365)

Becoming a successful fashion stylist is something that can take years of hard work and experience to fully get into. With these handy tips in mind, we are certain that you will succeed in whatever field of fashion styling that you are passionate about.

Watchshop.com – They Do Sunglasses Too.

Watchshop.com has long been a destination to visit if you were looking for a classy,  designer quality watch, so it is great to be able to report that the company now stocks a range of designer sunglasses, just in time for holiday season. The collection  of 390 styles includes iconic brands like Emporio Armani, Nike, Rayban and Storm, and in both male and female designs, so for people who love their sunglasses (i.e. me), this is a site to bookmark as the temperatures continue to rise.

I love my sunglasses, so when I was asked if I would like to do a review to celebrate the new ranges, there was no hesitation from me. I chose a pair from classic American design house Calvin Klein. Watchshop says of Calvin Klein:-

Calvin Klein eyewear incorporates innovative design details in fashion forward styles and bold colorations. This aspirational eyewear appeals to the urban, creative and independent individual.

I love the slightly vintage style of tortoiseshell glasses, the sort worn in the 1950s by sultry film stars like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobridgida, so the Calvin Klein Collection CK7964S designs were always going to catch my eye. This design is neat and tidy, rather than the oversized look that took over in the 1960s, and the brown frame, contrasted against the black lenses are a super stylish look. They are also very comfortable to wear for long periods (they’ve been worn a lot this weekend) and look chic when worn with a dressy outfit, as well as worn casually with jeans.


Calvin Klein glasses are always well protected, arriving in a beautiful glasses case that will keep them safe in your handbag or stored at home in a drawer. They also have an official 12 month guarantee, definitely piece of mind when buying such an iconic piece of fashion. Plus, when you buy from Watchshop.com, you get your glasses within 3 days of ordering by free delivery, and they have a 30 day returns policy, just in case you decide the design is not for you, although I don’t think that would happen with this particular pair of glasses – they are just so stylish.