Fashion Icons Who Support Sustainable Style

With London Fashion Week in full flow, it is sometimes hard to believe that an industry that is perceived to be shallow and vanity based can also be doing something good for the planet. But the 21st Century has seen the rise of recycling, re-using and sustainability when it comes to all areas of our shopping lives, and that includes fashion. We re-use out plastic carrier bags, or better style buy an eco bag, we look for organic cottons and fabrics, and there has been a push to buy British to reduce our carbon footprint. Even the most stylish of fashion parties can now be environmentally friendly, with companies like Little Cherry providing biodegradable cutlery and tableware and party supplies in the UK’.

When it comes to fashion Icons, there are a few ladies who lead the way when it comes to caring for the planet. From embracing veganism, to showcasing sustainable design on the red carpet, these ladies show that you can look amazing without it being at a cost to the planet.

Livia Firth

When it comes to sustainable fashion, Liiva Firth is the queen of the Red Carpet. using each event to launch a green carpet assault. This years Met Gala saw her wearing a dress made from pineapple leaves, a by product of the pineapple harvest. She is also one of the founders of Eco Age, which advises big brands on how they can improve their practices to make them more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of fashion’s most eco conscious names. The designer, and brand, are vegetarian, and produce a wide range of vegetarian, non leather bags as a real alternative to luxury designer leather goods. The dress worn above by Livia Firth is a Stella design using organic silk, once again as part of the green carpet challenge. Stella has said about her designs:-

I design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was one of the first high profile names to show that veganism could also be applied to the red carpet. She helped to bring vegan shoe brand Beyond Skin to the forefront as a beautiful brand that showed that red carpet shoes did not have to be leather or suede, and then created her own line of vegan shoes, explaining that:-

“As a vegan, it’s been challenging finding designer shoes made of alternative materials. This collection offers a great selection without compromising quality or style.”

Even if designer labels and collaborations are out of your price range, it is easier than ever to buy into the sustainable fashion message. Charity shops and vintage fashion allow us to reuse and recycle our wardrobes, whilst there are more brands like Gudrun Sjoden who use organic fabrics and look to supporting projects in the developing world that show fashion can be a force for good.

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?


Fashion With A Heart – Shoes By Shaherazad

204181-b276851d7687eafa3e077267b9a90b5d.jpg (800×800)

Fashion is often considered to be vacuous, to be all about appearance with very little substance behind it. But sometimes you come across a brand that is aiming to change lives too. Shoes by Shaherazad is doing just that, one step at a time. The ethos of the brand, the brainchild of Shaherazad Umbreen,  is all about empowering women through fashion, both by creating beautiful and elegant heels that can be worn for 18 hours as women work and frankly kick ass without having to sacrifice their femininity and style, but the brand also seeks to empower women and girls living in poverty through the ‘Solidarity by Shaherazad’ programme.

13355387_796372780462609_1454788065_n.jpg (480×480)

The idea behind ‘The Eighteen Hour Heel’ is fantastic, a godsend to anyone who has to stand on their feet for long periods of time, and yet still loves the look and feel of wearing heels. Shaharazad has looked at the elegance and grace of flamingos, able to balance on one leg for long periods of time, and has created a shoe which distributes the body weight so that the shoes are comfortable and wearable for much longer periods of time than the average shoe. Another design feature that makes them wearable for 18 hours is that they can be transformed from an elegant, no-nonsense court shoe for day wear, to a beautifully embellished evening shoe through the addition of ‘slip on shoellery’. All this, and they are British made too.

16-01-08-SHA0207_2048x2048.jpg (1200×1800)

fbe5d34c5af447795b73c85aa60bed85.jpg (1875×1875)

But I think the really exciting part of purchasing a pair of heels from Shoes by Shaherazad is the philanthropic element, knowing that your shoes are actually making a difference to the life of women and girls around the world.  The ‘Solidarity by Shaherazad’ programme, working in collaboration with Global Giving, directly funds projects that provide sustainable futures for girls, through work and education. Currently women have been empowered in countries such as Kenya, Peru, Pakistan and Palestine. As Shaherazad explains:- “These are heels which have the power to do good and make many women and girls happy.”

Beautiful shoes with a conscience. This can only be a brilliant idea.

Gudrun Sjoden Organic Knit Tunic Review

I often review truly beautiful items of clothing on the blog, stunning dresses that are worthy of a party or a red carpet event. I love doing this, who doesn’t enjoy wearing something exquisite and princessy? But, my wardrobe is full of other things, the sort of clothes I wear every day, for shopping, football practice and the school run. These pieces are just as important for me, I still like to look and feel stylish, even if I am working from home. I genuinely believe that if you look good, you feel better and totally up your game in whatever you happen to be doing.

Gudrun Sjoden is a brand I often reach for. I fell in love with it at a Varg press day quite a few years ago, and the love affair has never ended. The brand produces brilliant quality separates that are both classic and fun, with a great use of pattern and print. Gudrun brings a no-nonsense Scandinavian style to everything, and frankly, if you want a stripy top, there are no better ones than Gudrun’s.

This season, the one item from the Gudrun Sjoden collection that I have been loving is the Organic Knit Tunic. This is totally a hero piece, easy enough to be worn with jeans or leggings for a stylish every day look.  It is a part thin knit sweater, one part slouchy tunic, designed to be worn relaxed and lose, and the sizing is generous, I probably should’ve sized down in all honesty, but it is a gorgeous, totally wearable piece that I have worn lots this Winter, whether watching WBA to doing the school run.


Organic Tunic £69 Click to visit Gudrun Sjoden

Gudrun shows this styled with a skirt for a sort of Art student look, but I prefer this with tighter trousers to highlight the different proportions. The tunic comes in a range of colours, I opted for the rose pink shade, but have to say it is much darker and richer in real life – not a problem but something to remember if you are looking at the pink.

This tunic has a very attractive boat style neckline which means it sits nicely for a statement necklace, and the three quarter sleeves will allow this to be a piece that will work as a transitional piece well into Spring. The hemline has a draped style that also gives it another stylish element.

If you are looking for a hard-working, wearable piece that you will be able to wear again and again, check out the new Spring collection from Gudrun Sjoden here.