Reasons to Buy Men’s Ceramic Wedding Bands

Your wedding is supposed to be your greatest fantasy. It is surely the most important day of your life and you must be thrilled about it. Celebrate the occasion by flaunting an exotic wedding band. Your wedding band reflects a highly personalized choice. Depending on factors such as personal preference, budgetary constraints, your personality, your lifestyle, and even the actual frequency of ring use, you must buy your wedding band. Usually, you would be choosing a wedding band based on some unique considerations.

Are you looking for something different and somewhat a new kind of a wedding ring? If so then you could opt for an authentic ceramic wedding band. Currently, ceramic rings are very much in vogue. Moreover, many jewelry shops are promoting this greatly-in-demand material. There are many reasons why you should consider buying a ceramic wedding band.

Merits of Ceramic Wedding Bands

There is a technical word that is used for ceramic and that is none other than titanium carbide. We all are aware that titanium carbide is 100 percent organic and natural substance which is actually heated to extremely high temperatures that result in the ceramic finish. Here are some advantages associated with buying ceramic wedding rings.

Attractive & Truly Fascinating Designs

Ceramic wedding bands are known for mind-blowing designs that grab the attention. Inorganic and non-metallic materials are heated up to really high temperatures and crafted in attractive designs and they have an amazing sheen which never fades. These rings are really stunning because of their high polish and a wonderful sheen. They come mostly in black and stand out from the rest in terms of looks. These are just the wedding bands for the contemporary and the truly fashionable men who wish to look different and choose something extraordinary. These wedding bands come in a host of fascinating designs, styles, and finishes that would surely steal the show wherever you go. Always buy wedding bands from reliable sites such as for assurance of quality and authenticity.

Robust & Durable Like No Other

Ceramic rings are robust and known for their durability. This is the reason why ceramic wedding bands for men are in great demand. Most men would like to wear their wedding bands every day. So the wedding bands need to be strong enough to withstand nicks, hits, constant exposure to water and other harsh treatments. Ceramic wedding bands face the challenges with great determination and are truly scratch-resistant or dent-resistant. They are pretty robust and remain completely unmarred and they are able to retain their original charm, finish, and glitter for a long time.


The greatest plus point of ceramic wedding bands is that they are hypoallergenic, unlike metal rings that may cause rashes and other allergic reactions in sensitive skins. Often the nickel content in metal wedding bands triggers rashes, irritations, and finger discoloration issues. Nickel is absent in ceramic wedding bands, hence, you would not get any sort of allergies if you buy them even for constant use.

Affordable Option

Ceramic rings are an economic option and many people are lured simply by their affordability. Ceramic rings are not made from rare materials but from easily accessible elements so they come in incredibly cheap rates that range from less than one hundred USD to slightly over 100 USD. Ceramics rings offer great style at most affordable prices. This magical blend of cost-effectiveness and new-age temptation contributes largely to the growing popularity of ceramic wedding bands.


Remember it is important to be well-informed and to possess a sound knowledge about all kinds of popular men’s wedding bands. The market is flooded with a plethora of ceramic wedding bands from a host of companies that cater to high customer demands. It is a wise idea to buy from the most renowned company that offers great designs, easy solutions, and top quality stuff.

Christmas Gift Idea: Win A Cake From bakerdays

This week I have been to see ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and visited a Christmas market. I have also drunk my first mulled wine of the season. It is fair to say that Christmas is almost here, so with this in mind I am moving on with my gift ideas, and today I bring you a gift that is suitable for everyone as long as they love cake.

bakerdays are the brilliant company that creates cakes that are sent to you in a tin that actually fits through your letterbox, making them the perfect gift to send to a person who is never in, who’s gifts invariably end up at the Royal Mail collection office. (I can vouch that the tins do fit through the letterbox as I was not in on the day it was posted and found it sitting safely on my mat.) bakerdays do a great range of cakes that can be personalised, for birthdays, births, back to school and, of course, they have a brilliant range of Christmas cakes too.

The cakes come in a range of flavours, including chocolate chip and lemon. They also have gluten free and Dairy free options too, which I think is brilliant. The designs range from cute animals, to Darth Vadar and Minions with a Christmas touch, and there are also really beautiful Christmas trees and scenes that might suit an older relative, friend or neighbour. There are also selfie style cakes where you can add a picture of the recipient, which could be a brilliant touch if you were gifting the cake to a teenager.

I chose a cake for my husband, and as he is a handsome beardy guy, there was really only one choice for me. He loved the Hipster Santa Cake with the ‘Merry Christmas Beardy’ message on the front, and the choice of Chocolate Chip centre was also a very popular choice, The cake came in the traditional tin, and also came with a Christmas card and cracker, a really lovely touch.

Hipster Santa Cake £27.99 Click to visit Bakerdays

Competition Time

If you would like to win a Christmas cake of your choice for a loved one, you can enter the below competition to win one that will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Baker Days Letterbox Christmas Cake Giveaway





Winter Wardrobe Essentials

As we move into Winter, it is time to update our wardrobes accordingly. The good news is that we don’t have to buy reams and reams of new clothes, we just need to make a few savvy purchases that can be used in a versatile manner to ensure that our wardrobes stay fresh while we stay warm.

Here are my key pieces that will keep you warm and gorgeous this Winter.

A Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is an item I discovered last Winter, a real versatile piece that you will wear loads. Why? Well on milder days the scarf can be worn rather than a coat, layered over a cosy jumper for just the right amount of coverage. This is a great look if you are shopping in heated shopping centres where you melt in your winter coat. But, come the big freeze, you can actually layer this over your coat, it is so much warmer than your traditional scarves. Good places to find blanket scarves this year include Joules and Dorothy Perkins.


Pink Pearl Embellished Blanket Scarf
£15.00 Click to visit Dorothy Perkins

A Chunky Knit

Chunky knit jumpers have become one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. The simplest way to wear it has to be the jeans, jumper and boots combination, but chunky knit can also be worn over tea dresses to extend their life from Spring.Summer to Autumn/Winter wear. Another gorgeous way to wear your chunky knit is over a tulle skirt, a look which combines a mixture of fabrics and styles to devastating effect. Look to Boden for elegant knitwear.

Imogen Roll Neck Jumper £90 Click to visit Boden

Cashmere Socks

The ultimate in luxury, a pair of Cashmere bed socks are the epitome of pampering yourself and proof that some of your best and most beloved wardrobe items never need leave the house, Look to The White Company for the softest bed socks around in the best shade of baby pink.

Cashmere Bed Socks – Pale Pink £26 Click to visit The White Company

Knitted Gloves

I love leather gloves, but here’s the thing, they look great, but they are not warm. For warmth you need to opt for a knitted version instead. M&S have a great range of soft knit gloves in a range of colours for less than £10. Definitely worth a look.

Soft Knitted Gloves
£7.50 Click to visit M&S

If you are in need of some winter wardrobe inspiration you could look to Lyst who have curated everything from new season style to stone cold neutral shades, as well as some of the most current sales if you are looking for a bargain. All the big High Street stores are also now well stocked with great ideas and ranges that embrace Winter weather in great style.

What are your Winter Essentials?