Making Additional Storage Space In Your Loft

When it comes to our homes, it seems that the one thing we can never have enough of is storage space. As our families grow, we need more and more space to store our belongings, our clothes, toys and all the other things that we seem to just accumulate. We resort to more cupboard space, under bed storage, we even put things in sheds and garages and hope for the best. And yet many of us ignore a storage solution that is literally right over our heads – our loft space.

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The loft space is something that many of us just ignore, and yet it can be the perfect storage solution. It is almost the whole of your upstairs space, and can be made into a light and airy space with the addition of roof windows from Solstro.  Lofts are a great place to store seasonal items, things like Christmas trees and decorations that you only need to use once a year, but are then a problem to store for the other 11 months. They can also be useful for storing old toys that you don’t want to part with but are no longer played with.

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There are a few more things to consider if you plan to use your loft for storage. In older houses (like my Victorian terrace for instance), the loft space can be dusty and lofts are not designed to take much weight, so a board out is a good investment, making the space cleaner and safe for walking in.The floor can be strengthened by installing loft panels, which is a relatively simple job, you can find a good how to guide from Wickes by clicking here. A good loft ladder can also be a worth while investment, a pull up and down style that can be  attached to your loft hatch and then stored in the loft when it is not needed.

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If you are struggling for space in your home, moving some of your current clutter into your loft space could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Four Subtle Decor Tips for New Moms Looking for a Cozier Sleeping Space

Let’s face it: it’s only natural to let your bedroom décor fall to the wayside after you become a new mom.

Maybe you’ve accumulated clutter from the baby. Perhaps you simply haven’t had any time to yourself to clean or tidy up.

Regardless, becoming a mom shouldn’t mean sacrificing your own comfort at home. Make it a goal to revamp your bedroom to ensure that you’re getting the highest sleep quality possible and that you’re more likely to feel fabulous in your own space. After all, what good is your bedroom if you don’t feel comfortable in it?

Thankfully, redecorating doesn’t need to happen overnight, nor does it have to put a huge dent in your wallet. In fact, sometimes it’s the small and subtle changes that make for the coziest spaces. Regardless of your budget or experience with décor, consider the little investments you can make to create the most comfortable bedroom possible.

New Blinds

There’s perhaps no better way to transform a bedroom than by investing in a new set of blinds. Seriously. Basking in the warm glow of natural light can be an absolute pleasure; meanwhile, being able to truly black out artificial light at night can instantly improve your quality of sleep.

For example, installing cellular shades is a relatively simple DIY project that you can knock out over the weekend. Such shading solutions are stylish and cost-effective, representing a win-win when it comes time to redecorate.

Smarter Storage

If you feel like you’re stuck with a bunch of clutter on the floor, why not stylize your odds and ends with some smarter storage?

Whether through shelving units above your bed or IKEA-style box storage solutions, it’s important to make sure that you keep as much off the floor as possible (think: this also makes your bedroom friendlier to your baby). Sure, it may take some time to get rid of some of your junk; however, you may be surprised how much space you can save when you invest in some shelf space and take out the trash.

Lovely Lamps

As noted earlier, lighting has a direct impact on our moods. If you feel that your bedroom is down in the dumps, something as simple as replacing your current lighting fixtures with brighter bulbs or looking into a new bedside lamp may be worth your time. While you don’t necessarily need to wash your room out with light, you should be able to comfortably be able to read in bed, for example.

Radiant Rugs

Maybe it’s cliché to say that a proper rug can “tie the room together,” but it’s true enough. Whether you want to splash some color into your space or simply accent your existing color scheme, a large rug can help give your bedroom a more sophisticated look. Likewise, new rugs are a time-saving alternative to projects such as painting the walls which can be both tedious and costly for newbies.

Being a fashionable mom isn’t always about what’s on the outside: never neglect the interior of your home and take special care to feeling fabulous in your own bedroom. By sticking to the aforementioned tips, you take the first steps toward ensuring your comfort and turning your room into something more modern.

Home improvements: Plan that Spring Clean

January is often the month that plans are made for home improvements. We may not actually start them now, it’s too cold to have windows open for painting, or doors open as workmen come in and out, but we do start making the plans, booking the tradesmen and generally working out how we want our homes to look in the year ahead.  But, before we do any actual work, we often need to sort out what we already have in the form of a Spring clean. This may entail anything from a bit of a clear out, to getting rid of large pieces of furniture. A Spring clean is a great way to see what you already have, and what you need to make your home look better. Here are a few tips to make that clean more effective.


Sort that Clutter

Many rooms are guilty of being overfilled with ‘stuff’. You only have to watch these DIY make over programmes to know that many rooms just have too many pieces of over large furniture which make them feel small and cramped. Your Spring clean is a time to size down. You can use house clearance and rubbish removal services like Clearabee to remove bigger items of furniture (or you could hire a skip through them in order to accommodate lots of rubbish and smaller pieces of furniture.) Clearabee specialise in rubbish removal in Birmingham, and you can find companies who do similar all over the country.

Making sure your furniture is the right size for the room is a simple way to improve the look of your home and you may not even need to get rid of furniture, you may just need to use it in another room.


Make Do and Mend

If budget is tight, look at what you already have. Shabby sofas can look instantly better with the addition of a throw or some stylish scatter cushions, candles add ambience to any room, whilst a simple vase and fresh flowers add colour and beauty. A table that’s seen better days can be sanded down and repainted, as can dated wooden units which can be made ‘shabby chic’ and look just so current. Before you throw it away or decide to replace it, ask the question ‘can it be renovated and used again?’


Visit the Pound Shops

Yes, they sell a whole host of rubbish, but pound shops are also gold mines for finding things that can improve the look of your home. Things to look out for include picture frames, coloured glass bottles and trays, candles in glass jars, fragranced diffusers, even cushion covers. You really don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home look amazing.

Don’t forget to sort your wardrobe too

While you are de-cluttering your home, make sure you don’t forget to sort yourself. This is the time of year to take a fresh look at your wardrobe and do something good by donating your unwanted clothing to a Charity shop. My mom is the manager of a Charity shop and struggles with donations at this time of the year as people seem to only get rid of unwanted toys and Christmas decorations. Cull clothes that don’t fit, impulse buys you’ve never worn, and items you’ve just fallen out of love with.

Do you have any tips for the perfect Spring clean?