Reviewed: bakerdays Cakes And A Giveaway

Choosing a gift for a loved one or a friend can sometimes be frustrating. You try to choose something they would like and enjoy, and love presenting it to them and seeing their expression as they open it. But there are occasions when, due to living in different places, you have to send a present across the miles, and then it becomes a little more difficult. This is where bakerdays cakes come in.

Bakerdays create beautiful cakes for any occasion, and these can also be personalised with both words or a photograph. Whether it be for a birthday, an anniversary, Halloween, Christmas or starting a new school or a new Job, bakerdays cakes can be matched to your occasion. The cakes are all designed, baked and created by the bakerdays team, but the thing I love the most about them is that the designs are especially made to fit through a letterbox, meaning that even if you are sending it to someone who is not at home in the day, the cake can still be delivered on time, giving your loved one a lovely surprise when they see a treat waiting for them on their doormat.

I chose a bakerdays cake for my son Joe, to celebrate going back to school, starting a new term and a new school year. The cake was sent in a gift tin that keeps it in perfect condition, it will stay fresh for up to 14 days upon arrival. The tin also contained balloons, candles and a gift card.

We opted for a vanilla buttercream cake, but there are many different choices including gluten free, dairy free and wheat free, as well as fruit cake and chocolate cake – something for every taste in actual fact. The cake was in perfect condition in the tin and tasted absolutely delicious, and, as promised, remained fresh – we had the last slice tonight, almost a week since it was first delivered.

With both Halloween and Christmas on their way, a bakerdays Cake is a fantastic gift idea to make a note of. But one lucky winner could win a Letterbox Gift cake in the recipe and personalised design of their choice, by entering the competition below.


bakerdays Letterbox cake giveaway

Getting To Know You Through Your Birth Flower

Our birth date affects many different things. It dictates our astrology sign, which in turn can often be an indicator to what sort of personality traits we have. It also decides which birthstone belongs to us, although this can be different depending on the source – I was born in June, some say this is the month of the diamond, others claiming it for the pearl. But, until quite recently, I didn’t realise that different months of the year had also been assigned a birth flower. This month, Flying Flowers have put together a handy guide to the correct birth flowers for each month, along with some information about the symbolism of the flower and the character traits of people born in a particular month, It is a fascinating piece, well worth a read,

My birthday is the 15th June, which makes my birth flower the rose. This really pleased me as roses are one of my favourite blooms. I’ve loved roses ever since I was a young girl, when my grandad had both a red and white rose bush growing in his garden. I remember clearly that the white always seemed to bloom in abundance, whilst the red gave flowers less regularly, and this made them seem rarer, and more special as a consequence. Even now, roses are my flower of choice when it comes to romantic occasions, although my husband tends to buy me yellow roses as these are now my favourites.

Flying Flowers says of the rose:-

Roses were first grown in China around 5,000 years ago, and now they’re one of the most popular flowers in the world. Their symbolism of love is known far and wide, and they’ll always be a solid favourite for Valentine’s Day.

That seems to sum them up perfectly for me.

I love the idea of knowing what your birth flower is. It makes it a perfect, and truly personal choice as a birthday gift for someone, as well as being a lovely choice for a new mother, to present her with a bloom to reflect her child’s birth date. Flying Flowers gives tips on what sort of floral gift people would like according to their birthday, and I have to say that mine was spot on in saying I would love a floral gift bursting with colour, anyone who knows me knows I totally love colour, the brighter the best, hence my love for yellow roses.

What sort of flowers do you love. Check out the flower birth date guide and see if your bloom truly matches your taste and personality.

Songmics Beauty Box Review And Competition

Songmics Inc is a top 50 seller on Amazon UK and are experts when it comes to organising your beauty products. They have created a stunning range of beauty boxes and cases that allow your to keep all your cosmetics and beauty products in one place, giving you easy access to all your products, stopping you searching around for that favourite nail polish or lippie.

51LuhCBX5zL._SY300_.jpg (300×300)

I was sent the Songmics make up storage cosmetic case in the croco pattern to review. This is a lovely large case with an aluminium frame and glossy purple alligator grained PU skin. The case has secure locks on the top, great if you are trying to avoid little ones getting to your make up (we’ve all been there.), and it has a sturdy handle, and a strap if you want to use the case in a portable capacity. (this would work well for a mobile beautician or hairdresser).

Once you open the case you find two rows of shelves on each side, and a large storage unit in the bottom that is ideal for larger bottles, brushes, even for storing a cosmetic bag, it is that large. You can create your own shelf sizes by adding plastic slats so you can make compartments that suit your needs, and these can be moved around if your needs change.

This is a really attractive looking beauty case that is also roomy, practical and strong. For less than £30 it is a great buy. With protective food pads on the bottom of the case, this is not going to be damaged when it is stored on the floor, and the adjustable and removable shoulder strap makes this portable and practical too.

Competition Time

You can win your own Songmics Make Up storage case like the one featured above by entering the competition below.



Win Songmics Make up Storage Cosmetic case croco pattern