A few steps to a healthier lifestyle

In the 21st Century, we are constantly barraged with the perfect healthy lifestyle. Magazines are full of articles that tell us how to  live our lives in a way that is healthier in terms of the food we eat, our forms of exercise and our general day to day lifestyle. And whilst it is true that some of these articles grate on our nerves, and while we may want to tell some of the experts to pipe down and enjoy a cake, it is a true fact that it has never been easier to make our lives, and ourselves, healthier.

Here are a few ways that we can achieve a better life/body balance each and every day.

Drink more water

And by this I don’t mean the expensive bottled variety. The water we get in our taps in the UK is the best possible source of hydration. Although experts still argue about the 2 litres of water a day guideline, it has to be said that personally, when I drink plenty of water, I feel fresher, healthier and have a lot more energy. In summer hydration is so important, so I fill a plastic bottle and always keep water in my bag, especially on car and train journeys. Water is good for the skin, great if you are dieting as it fills the stomach up which stops unnecessary snacking, and helps your waterworks to function properly. All this running straight from your kitchen tap.



Switch from Ciggies to e-cigs

If you are still a smoker, and that number does seem to be falling rapidly, then it really is about time you switched to an e-cig. Cheaper, and with current opinion saying that these are a healthier option, e-cigs can also be the first step on the way to quitting smoking completely. E-Cigs have no ash and no bad smells, and they are fast building up a following amongst previously committed celebrity smokers including Leonardo Di Caprio, Katie Perry, and probably the most famous celebrity smoker of them all, Kate Moss.

Many people who have made the switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigs have noticed that their skin condition has improved within weeks of making the switch – yet another good reason to make the change. (You can read the Public Health England advice here.)


Walk More

It is so easy to get into the car to run every little errand, but do you really need to? We make so many journeys by car that would actually provide us with a really simple, yet effective form of exercise. I have lost weight in recent years, enough to go down two dress sizes, and I have to put a lot of this down to walking each day doing the school run. It is exercise I do without even thinking about it, and has been more effective than any gym membership I have ever used.

Walking can be fun, it can be companionable when done with a friend or loved one, and it can allow you to really enjoy your natural environment. Plus, by leaving that car at home, you are also helping the environment too.


What are your simple tips for a healthier lifestyle?



Find Out About Coolsculpting

It is one of those age old problems, you gain weight so you decide to embark on a diet of healthy eating and to start some exercise, maybe you even go as far as to join a gym. And it works! You lose the weight and feel so much better. But, hold on, that is only half the story. You lose the weight but not always in the areas you want to, and so are still stuck with back fat, or bra fat, or that double chin that you really hoped would disappear.

Some Fat Cells just don’t seem to want to budge, no matter how successful our diet or exercise regime is. This can be very frustrating, especially when you have been trying so hard. But there is now a non surgical procedure offered by the Pulse Light Clinic that can quite literally freeze your excess fat away. This is Coolsculpting.

The Pulse Light Clinic is based in London and is offering coolsculpting as a way to get rid of those tricky fat cells once and for all. It describes coolsculpting as:-

an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away.

Coolsculpting is a non surgical treatment that requires no needles and has no downtime. It is perfect for the areas of the body already mentioned, and also the thighs and tummy. The video below shows just how the procedure works. A session lasts for one hour. It is not painful and you can relax while it is taking place.

If you are interested in finding out more about Coolsculpting, you can currently request a free consultation on their website. There are also finance options available.

Pulse Light Clinic

Bank / Liverpool Street Clinic

0207 523 51581st Floor, Peek House, 20 East Cheap, London, EC3M 1EB


Oxford Street / Tottenham Court Road Clinic

0207 205 40855 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG

Peace of Mind With Breastlight

Despite the successes in screening for breast cancer in recent years, the risk of getting the disease remains high. Currently 1 in every 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at sometime during their life, with the incidence rates for breast cancer projected to rise by 2% in the UK between now and 2035 according to Cancer Research UK. The number of deaths from Breast Cancer currently stands at 21.2 per 100,000 woman per year. Although men can get Breast Cancer too, it is predominantly a disease that affects, and kills women.

It has to be said that woman are taking far more control when it comes to their breast health than they have in the past. The campaigns by the likes of the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer have enlightened breast cancer awareness, the need to regularly check our own breasts, to attend screenings and the importance of reporting any abnormalities at the earliest possible opportunity. But there are also products like Breastlight that allow us to probe a little further with our checks, and to do this in the comfort of our own home.

Breastlight is a device that allows you to go one step further when you are manually checking your breasts for lumps and abnormalities. It gives you a clear view inside your breast tissue to highlight any abnormalities that may develop over time. The breastlight device is easy to use and is totally pain free. You shine the light in a dark room. The bright red light shines through your breast tissue to show dark areas where blood is present. It will show veins, but it may also show dark clusters that may point to abnormalities that you may need to have checked out.

The beauty of Breastlight is that it is suitable for anyone. It will work on any skin type, women of all ages, all sizes of breasts and is particularly good for women who are going through the menopause who may experience changes to their breasts. For woman who struggle to check their breasts due to fibrous breasts that tend to feel lumpy all the time, this is something that can give a much clearer picture of breast health, and it also works for women who struggle to check their breasts due to breast implants.

The Breastlight machine is very simple to use and has no side effects. This means you can use it on a regular basis and will instantly notice any changes as you get to know your breasts so much better. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, this could be a really good product to have available.

Breastlight is available from Amazon and you can find it here.