Vinyl vs Linoleum

If the thought of replacing your floor leaves your bank account feeling a little uneasy, then worry not. There are plenty of cost friendly options out there that can replicate the look of tiles and wood floors seamlessly. Besides being cheaper, they are often much more practical too. Vinyl and linoleum floorings for example are both pretty similar, so if you are considering them, you might want to know what the differences are.


Even though both look visually similar, they are not made in the same way. Vinyl tiles are a combination of PVC, a vinyl sheet, a foam core and felt backing which is what gives the floor this characteristically soft feel.  Lino however is made with more natural materials such as cork dust, tree resin and linseed oil. The way they are both produced makes them very durable, water resistant and scratch resistant. For this reason, they are very well suited to family homes since they can handle heavy footfall and spillages with ease. The main difference between the two is their life expectancy. Lino can last anywhere from 20 to even 40 years. Comparatively, vinyl tiles tend to only last 20 years.



Vinyl tiles are extremely easy to care for needing only a regular vacuum and mop to keep them as good as new. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any excess water damaging the floor as we previously mentioned. One of the amazing features of vinyl tiles is that, in the rare case a tile gets damaged, you only need to replace that tile without needing to change the whole floor. When taking care for Lino things are a little less simple. You can sweep and vacuum them too, but they also needs an acrylic coating that should be applied at least once a year and they sometimes even need waxing.


The truly exceptional feature of both floors is that they look amazing despite their low price. In the case of linoleum, the surface gets its look through careful application and pigmentation. Due to this, we can find linoleums in many different colours, styles and designs. A noteworthy point here is that Lino floors have the print all through the product. Vinyl flooring on the other hand only has the image printed on the surface. This is important to remember if your live in an exceptionally busy home or own a commercial property. Wear and tear may be more visible with a vinyl floor so keep this in mind when thinking about which one is best for you.

Both options are fantastic and very inexpensive in comparison to a solid wood for example. With these floors you won’t be sacrificing looks over practicality. As discussed, these floors are available in an unbelievable range of designs, so are ideal when working to a tight budget. There isn’t a huge difference between the two, but hopefully this post has helped to clear up a few points in the search for your new floor.

Adding Light To Your Home

Whether you are showcasing your home in order to sell it, looking to increase the sell on value, or just improving the look and style to improve your quality of life, adding light to your home is always a good, positive thing. Dark and dreary rooms can not only leave your home looking in a less than perfect light, they can also affect your mood and productivity.In this post I am going to be looking at some of the ways you can improve the quality of light in your home, both through adding natural light, and through cheats that just make rooms seem brighter.

Lantern Roofs

Lantern roofs are a brilliant way to help light flood into your home. They can be added to any room of structure that has a flat roof, and are commonly used on conservatories, but can also work on ground floor extensions to create a version of a summer house in your home. Lantern roofs may add all that light, but you needn’t be worried about them bringing in extra cold, nor unwanted outside noise. Most are made from advanced double glazing which keeps out both cold and noise and makes them energy efficient. They look amazing, adding a real architectural feature to your home, and certainly add the light you were looking for.

Adding a Conservatory

Any size of conservatory can add a light, airy space to your home. A conservatory could be great as a playroom that leads straight onto the garden, or a dining/entertainment space which makes the most of natural light. Conservatories can be a way of creating space that you need for a growing family, and even if space is tight, i.e. on a terraced house, you might be able to create a utility space that may make your current kitchen feel more spacious.

Change your windows

Are your windows giving you the maximum amount of light? When I moved into my home, our front reception room , which we intended to use as a dining room, had a small bay window. This was fine in terms of giving me a large space to display a vase and picture frames, but not so good in the amount of light it allowed into the room. We decided to improve this by changing the bay to a large sash picture window. The change was unbelievable, with the room now flooded with natural light that now makes it one of our favourite rooms, particularly as the room is self facing. You need to look carefully at your current windows. It may be a simple change that can improve the whole light and ambience of a whole room.

Choose Your Colours Wisely

When it comes to decorating, the colours you choose could make a lot of difference when it comes to the mood and brightness of a room. Recently dark coloured accent walls have become a trend, but these do darken the look of a room, although they can look very stylish. Neutral shades of cream, white, magnolia and beige can not only be a blank canvas, but they are light and airy, so if you do opt for the accent wall, make sure it is balanced by lighter shades.

Darker furniture, including sofas and chairs, and anything in dark wood, also needs to be balanced. Think of all those Victorian sittting rooms filled with dark furniture and heavy chintz fabrics, and you can see why soft, floaty cushions, light coloured blinds and bright coloured prints are essential if the larger pieces of furniture edge towards the darker side. Another great feature to have is a large mirror, this will not only give the illusion of light, but one of space as well.

Check out your lightbulbs

Many people have switched to energy saving bulbs in recent years, hoping to save on bills and help the environment, but there have also been complaints about the dimness of the light that these can give off. We have recently switched to LED bulbs as an alternative. These are not only energy saving (thus helping to save on those ever rising bills) and longer lasting, not needing to be changed quite as often, but they also create an instant brightness.

If you want the best of both worlds, a light that is instantly bright, but can also be dimmed, maybe in a children’s room, or the living room where you want a softer light in the evening, you can also get dimmer versions of the LED light.

What measures have you used to improve the light in your homw?

Life’s Little Luxuries – Things That Make You Go Ooh!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you little luxuries, make the most of them! We all have that little something that puts a smile on our face that we might take for granted, largely because we are so rushed off of our feet to really take the time to step back and appreciate the little things in life.

That comes to an end, at least for this blogger, with a list of just some of the things that make you go ooh!

Fresh Sheets

The first little luxury is something that everyone will agree on – going to bed with fresh sheets on. Bliss! Human touch is sensitive, so much so that it can feel down to 13 nanometres. To put that into context, a single sheet of regular paper is 100,000 nanometres thick. As we sleep, dead skins cells and other bacteria fall off onto the sheets, meaning that they don’t feel as fresh. That means that fresh sheets feel so good because you are actually feeling the sheet itself and not dead skin. Lovely.

The Snooze Button

Just five more minutes! If you are a morning person and find it absolutely problem whatsoever getting out of bed in the morning we applaud you. This writer, however, *needs* those five extra minutes in the morning. After a long sleep, you simply have to reward yourself with a small nap…

First Sip of Coffee

Again, if you are a morning person this probably doesn’t apply to you. For those that walk down the stairs like the walking dead, however, you cannot understate the importance of that first sip of coffee. It transforms you it makes you a new person. One sip of Nespresso Blue Mountain and away you go!

A Good Book

Nothing beats a good book and, when you find one that you can’t put down, you forget where you are. Hours and days go by without a care in the world other than reading on. You tell yourself just one more chapter, but we both know that is a lie. If this is one of your life’s little luxuries, your workmates are likely used to seeing you walk in in the morning with golf ball-sized bags underneath your eyes as a result of lack of sleep.

Finding a New Series

Finishing a series is a lot likely losing a family member – you say goodbye to characters that you have spent so much time with over the last couple of weeks that you probably know them better than you know yourself. So, when you find a new series that you can binge watch every night after work, good times! Now all you need is a believable excuse to cancel those plans that you have already postponed four times over.


The smell, the taste, the anything and everything that bacon is. A bacon sandwich is a lot like sex – even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Bacon, though, is arguably at its best when accompanied with sausages and eggs as part of a fry-up.


Yes, I’ll admit it – I have a small problem when it comes to food. If anyone doesn’t have chocolate on their list of life’s little luxuries then they are either lying to themselves or dead inside. The ultimate comfort food, chocolate is a lot like a bacon sandwich – even when it’s bad…


Last, but by no means least, on the list of life’s little luxuries is freebies. We all love getting something for free, even if we don’t necessarily like what it is we are getting. Free goodies that you can get in exchange for vouchers in newspapers, totting up rewards point or for any reason whatsoever can really make you smile. Especially if it’s chocolate, or bacon…or chocolate bacon…