Update Your Living Room This Autumn

As we hit Autumn, and particularly as September starts to roll on (where, exactly is the month going?) we start to think more about getting our homes ready for Christmas. Now, but that, I don’t mean we start sticking the decorations up any time soon, but we do think about the final home improvements of the year, and those little touches that will have the house looking its best before it is descended on by hoards of relatives.

The most popular room to redecorate and modernise is the living room, which is why you see all those furniture shops who have those never ending sales promising sofas that can be delivered for Christmas. But a living room update doesn’t have to involve lots of new furniture, it can be as simple as adding some new lighting, accessories and candles to give your room a new feel.

Change your lighting

The lights you use in your living room affect the whole ambience of the setting. Crystal lighting, in the form of chandeliers, is particularly beautiful and adds a touch of luxury to any room by being a focal point – a real statement piece. if you feel your room is too small for an ostentatious piece, then a crystal table lamp is another very attractive option. You can find some great examples of both at Sherwood Lighting.

Diyas Evelyn Chrome/Crystal Table Lamp with white shade

Chiffon 3lt Fitting 3 Light


Candles can leave a room smelling fresh and fragrant, and can also help to define the season through their scent. Yankee Candles are well known for the enormous variety of scents they create, including scents specifically for Autumn and Christmas. Autumn varieties include Autumn Night, Autumn Glow and Fireside Treats, both names that evoke the idea of nights drawing in and being warm and cosy in front of the TV. With prices starting at just £1.99 for a votive with 15 hours burning time, these are an affordable way to update your room for the new season.

A few new accessories

Re-doing a room from top to bottom can be very expensive, but adding a few distinctive and attractive accessories can make a real difference to a room. A mirror for a chimney breast is a great way to make a room look different, and appear bigger. As a lover of all things Art Deco I would try to source original pieces, but this is becoming more difficult, House of Fraser currently have some great Art Deco dupes in their fabulous Biba range, which give more than a passing nod to the great trend of the 1920s and 30s.

Biba Clara Art Deco Shaped Mirror

Scatter cushions, rugs and vases filled with fresh flowers also add lovely touches to any living room and help you to stamp your personality on your space.

Are you planning to revamp a room this Autumn?



Clean and Healthy Homes- What to Expect from Home Cleaning Services

One of the favorite days that a homeowner can have is when a professional cleaner arrives. It feels great to walk into a home that is properly cleaned and smells good. While you set aside some time to look for the right company or person that your house will entrusted to, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind.

Cleaning Services

  • Regular cleaning features a number of services. Routine jobs typically include thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming the house, dusting surfaces, mopping and making beds. Detailed or deep cleaning is usually an extra service and many companies recommend this initially for their new clients.
  • Deep home cleaning is likely to cost more than general cleaning because it is extensive. Make sure you find out what has been included in the list of deep cleaning activities.
  • Cleaning services can also be restricted to specific areas or rooms. House cleaners are often hired to by clients who only want them to clean one or two rooms.
  • Along with routine cleaning, several residential cleaning companies offer certain projects at an extra cost. These may include cleaning the refrigerator, oven, inside cabinets, spot-cleaning and leather furniture.

Cleaning Frequency

Depending on affordability and your needs, you can set up an arrangement for cleaners to show up as frequently as possible. Variations include weekly and monthly sessions. Common choices are bi-weekly and every other week. For homeowners who are unsure about committing to professional cleaning services on a long-term basis, a trail run that consists of at least two cleanings is advisable.


The cost of deep cleaning varies with different companies and depends on the size of the house. Subsequent general or regular cleanings also vary in pricing depending on the extent of the work, where you reside and the frequency of scheduled cleanings. Learn more on this website.

Companies may send staff to take a look at your house and determine your needs before estimating the price.  Ask about the things that have been included and what the company expects from you. Some cleaners provide equipment and products while others do not.


There a number of pertinent questions that you can ask the cleaners. Find out whether the same person or team will be sent to clean each time, how the cleaners will access the home, the company policy in case something is broken and whether employee background checks are conducted.

Make sure that the cleaning service is appropriately bonded, insured and licensed. Online review sites are useful for checking the company’s reputation and you can ask for contact references.

Home Cleaning and Wellness

A clean and organized house can improve your mental wellbeing. The process of de-cluttering and cleaning your home will help to ease anxiety and negative emotions. Living in an unsanitary house makes you more susceptible to diseases that causes by pests, allergens and bacteria.

Untidy homes are safety hazards for occupants. Cleaning creates more space and prevents messy situations from turning into dangerous obstacles. When your home is spotlessly clean, you can look forward to relaxing and unwinding after a long day.



Sharon Smith is a freelance writer and researcher. She describes herself as a communicator and believes that enlightening other people through different platforms and media channels is a major responsibility. Visit this website for more information.

5 Top garment steamers on the market in 2017

If you are planning to buy a garment steamer but is having a hard time choosing among the sea of different models of garment steamers, then this article will definitely be a big help in your decision. Our expert friends at https://steamerland.com/best-garment-steamer-reviews/ have provided you with the 5 Top garment steamers in the market today. Any of these products will surely get the job done for you, all you have to do is to choose which model suits you and your needs.


  1. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

If you are going to need a garment steamer for all-purpose use then you should definitely go for the J-2000 Jiffy. The J-2000 is currently the most popular garment steamer in the market for its convenient features and simple design. It has all the features that you will need in a garment steamer. With its’ 6–inch head you can definitely steam fast and efficiently. It can also hold up to ¾ gallons of water which can definitely last up to 2 hours of non-stop steaming. The water reservoir is also conveniently located at the bottom of the machine making it very easy to refill. It has wheels and a built-in hanger that will make you steam wherever you want. It can weigh up to 18 pounds when filled with water. The only downside that the J-2000 has received is only its design which is definitely not that much of a big factor. Overall, although it might be a little bit more expensive compared to some of its competitors, the J-2000 is still the best in its league.


  1. Elite Garment Steamer

Next on the list is heavily-powered Elite Garment Steamer from PurSteam. The Elite Garment Steamer boasts a 248 degrees Fahrenheit of heat rating. It can heat up and get into work mode in just 45 seconds. Furthermore, with its powerful heat capacity, it can definitely penetrate heavy fabrics and eliminate wrinkles and freshen up the cloth. The Elite Garment Steamer is best for heavy draperies and other thick fabrics that you will find a hard time penetrating to with another garment steamer. With its powerful and deep penetrating steam, it can surely kill all the germs in the fabric, effectively disinfecting the fabric and freshening it up. It has a large capacity of 61 ounces and is backed with a 5-year warranty that will ensure you of your money back in case you want to return it.


  1. Jiffy ESteam Travel Clothes Steamer

If you are often traveling abroad especially for business trips, then the Jiffy ESteam is the best for you. With this portable garment steamer, you will not just save money from dry cleaning fees but also save your precious time and energy in going out and looking for a dry cleaning shop. The Jiffy Esteam has a 1 cup water tank that boasts a respectable 15 minutes of non-stop steam which is more than enough to fix your suits and business attires in your trips. It has a secure-grip handle and comes with a 9-foot power cord along with power adapters and converters making it the best portable garment steamer in the market.


  1. Conair GS15 Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Another portable garment steamer on our list is the Conair GS15, this model comes with a removable water reservoir making it very convenient for refilling and in storing it in your luggage. It also has lint brush that will surely make your clothes look and feel tighter. What makes the Conair GS15 a top portable steamer though is that it has a dual voltage is definitely a must when going abroad as different countries have different default voltages.


  1. Singer SteamWorks Pro

If you are looking for a garment steamer for heavy use, then the Singer SteamWorks Pro is the perfect model for you. Packed with 1500 watts of power, it can definitely penetrate the heaviest of fabrics, relaxing the fabrics and effectively disinfecting it. It can heat up fairly fast, only needing 45 seconds of heating time. It has a large removable water reservoir that can hold up to 2.5 liters of water that will be enough for 90 minutes of continuous heavy steaming. It also has a 360 degrees built-in hanger that will make it easier for you. A dual clip add-on for perfect and fine pleats and creases on your sleeves and pants is also available with the model. And what’s best about this product is its lightweight materials and collapsible body that will make it easier for you to store them in a corner.